Apple's latest shot on iPhone XS video is here

Ivan, 17 April 2019

Apple has released a new video in the 'Shot on iPhone XS' series, titled "Don't Mess with Mother". The video features captivating landscape and wildlife footage to the tune of Megadeth's "Last Rites".

It's a nice video, but again, 'Shot on iPhone XS' means little in the real world. As Apple itself states "Additional hardware and software used", meaning that the iPhone XS was just the framework for the video and that the phone was likely strapped with specialized lenses and the footage was then edited by pros on professional editing software. In other words you wouldn't be able to pull off any of this with an iPhone XS, purely on a technical scale, not to mention on an artistic one.

Still, it's a nice video, so it's probably worth spending a few minutes on it.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Sincerely, every leaked picture that says "taken with this ... phone" is fake. Every video clip we see that says "This video was made with the ... phone" is fake too

  • gam30to

i am an apple user but honestly anything to assist these videos is "fake"

  • gam30to

I use apple products but why bother with these "shot on iphone" bs when everyone knows it's edited and enhanced. It just makes the iphone itself "not good enough". i hate these ads.

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