Apple's store in Vienna, Austria will be the first to re-open in Europe

Ro, 05 May 2020

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Apple has closed down its stores across the globe, except for mainland China. And with countries finally taking some break from the situation, the company is looking to re-open the first store in Europe, the one in Vienna, Austria.

Apple's store in Vienna, Austria to be the first to re-open in Europe tomorrow

Tim Cook has already stated that it would re-open its stores in Austria and Australia soon but no official time table has been given. But according to Heute, the store will open doors today, May 5.

The retail stores are tricky and require some degree of planning. After all, they draw crowds and offer hands-on demos of products and these two things are a major factor in exposing a lot of people to the infection. Frequent disinfection and limiting the amount of people inside the store are a must.

For now, Apple will continue to encourage customers to shop online while the stores will focus more on services and support.



Reader comments

  • raghstpart

im a sellsman at a telecom store. just to say this, i never stopped Working during this "pandemic" 70+- peoples a day, work, work work. and guess what ? i found my revenue lowered because they can. this pandemic only shows the worst of humanity.

  • Anonymous

Sometimes I feel a meteor must fall and consume earth, yeah it's useless arguing with me. But yeah every has a beginning and everything has an end.

  • Anonymous

All other shops in Austria opened already. I dont see where the problem is. Do you know the infection rate in Austria? You should check before complaining.

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