Apple's short movie 'The Bucket' is entirely shot on iPhone XS

Ivan, 25 January 2019

Apple's short film 'The Bucket' is now out. It's a story about a man, his mom and the love of home, shot entirely on the iPhone XS in picturesque parts of China.

The short film, made for the Chinese New Year (also known as the Spring Festival, on February 5) was directed by Jia Zhangke and is around 5:30 long.

Apple has also shared two other clips of director Jia Zhangke praising the iPhone's depth control and slow-mo capabilities.


Reader comments

  • No


It reminds me of an Indonesian film that was shot entirely in 4K using Samsung Note 4. I had a look on that film, and the quality is brilliant enough.

  • Anonymous

Was thinking the same thing, can't imagine how it is possible to get that depth of field using the phone camera. Credit where credit is due though, the latest Iphones do have excellent image quality and DOF compared to all other phones on the market...

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