Archos 45 Platinum

Archos 45 Platinum

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Very similar to the HTC Desire 300 in specs, I must say...

  • Typist

Where to start with this phone?
Good: Fast with stock rom,able to move apps to SD and that`s about it
Bad:Suprisingly bad antena range (in my case),slow touch,rubbish battery life,hardware and software support non-existent.
My verdict:Go around it in large circles,not just the phone,entire company.You`re better of with some Chinese phone

  • Silverfox

Felyks, 11 Sep 2014This great phone has got a very fake battery...My battery cant charge and cant find new battery on this planet apart from this i think great value for money phone

  • Jercon

I have it. Ok. But not nice sound, very weak! Know some one how can i send to SD the appl. Like this Googke Play for exanple? Thats i an notsure about the quality.!!

  • Felyks

This great phone has got a very fake battery...

  • AnonD-288056

the phone is great but the battery isn't suited for this phone its too weak.

  • semsemmedo21

me to wanna to bay it , but ineed someone to gave advise about performanse and matrial

  • Chris

I have it, and as far as bang for your buck, it is a great phone.

  • mina

any one know any thing about this phone i wanna buy it