Archos 50 Saphir

Archos 50 Saphir

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  • ScR
  • 20 Jun 2018

This phone is actually a Nomu S10, just 2-3 times more expensive. I own Nomu S10, and can confirm that these two phones are absolutely, 1:1 identical (except for the sticker with the logo on the back). I even installed Archos 50 Saphir Android image onto my Nomu S10 and it has no idea it's running on Nomu and not Archos. It even checks for updates no problem. Arhcos only put their sticker on it and raised the price 2-3 times. You can get Nomu S10 for 100€. Or, if you wait for the discount/special offer that they sometimes make, you might get one for 80€. So, exactly the same phone, just 3 times cheaper.

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    • Anonymous
    • XPM
    • 10 Sep 2017

    jonny m4 aqua man, 29 Jun 2017this phone is hot hot hot thats because the battery gets ... moresmear campaign ?

      • j
      • jonny m4 aqua man
      • mqD
      • 29 Jun 2017

      this phone is hot hot hot
      thats because the battery gets hot and explodes

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        • AnonD-670407
        • PxY
        • 19 May 2017

        tor, 29 Mar 2017Not enough battery. l2p, Archos.Hey Tor, what do you mean not enough battery?

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          • tor
          • mqp
          • 29 Mar 2017

          Not enough battery.

          l2p, Archos.