Archos Diamond Omega

Archos Diamond Omega

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  • mezu
  • nDy
  • 04 Aug 2021

better than mi10

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    • okro
    • nDy
    • 14 Jul 2021

    In 2021 this phone is a beast.No problem

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      • Leo
      • dPm
      • 11 Dec 2018

      It's a rebranded Nubia Z17S
      It's an oficial rebrand, not a copy as some are saying here.

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        • AnonD-734769
        • p@X
        • 11 May 2018

        AnonD-734769, 08 May 2018have it now for a while, just superb camera and fast wifi t... morebut still, its one of the fastest and best phones you can get for the money. would I buy it again, YES. but they must build a USB c microphone for advanced sound quality when recording videos. without sound noise cancelation.

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          • AnonD-734769
          • p@X
          • 08 May 2018

          have it now for a while, just superb camera and fast wifi to 2.4 and 5.. wifi. but the "Active noise cancellation " cannot be turned off. any video or call or whenever u use the microphone then the recorded sound is horrible, even a video of 1960 with sound is even mutes your voice as it thinks it is noise. everything sounds like you're underwater and even worse than that. every video I have is a bummer because of that Active noise cancellation sound. they should have used 0an auto level option which regulates the volume without noise cancelation instead, I don't know. the microphone system is screwed because of that and gives you the feeling that you walk with a 10 dollar phone. if they ever fix that ill post it here

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            • SaddedDadded
            • i5u
            • 27 Apr 2018

            The only problem with this phone, guys, is that you never, ever get any support from Archos. No Oroe updates, no nothing.

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              • AnonD-716026
              • mKJ
              • 13 Apr 2018

     my dream phone.

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                • AnonD-734769
                • sqd
                • 06 Mar 2018

                i like it, but google cardboard and a thrust gxt 720, that Bluetooth controller does not work as it should. button A brings you back to the main screen instead of clicking on what you are watching at. the phone itself is a Chuck Norris phone, it can handle any game. the only thing is finding the right vr glasses for it and the right controller, 720p 120fps 1080p 60fps 4k 30fps

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                  • AnonD-726593
                  • 6Qg
                  • 27 Dec 2017

                  Idaho, 08 Dec 2017Why only such ugly colour.It's actually pretty awesome!

                    The design is very cheesy like the 1990's

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                      • Idaho
                      • 0FA
                      • 08 Dec 2017

                      Why only such ugly colour.

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                        • AnonD-711761
                        • 8nr
                        • 06 Dec 2017

                        AnonD-666503, 04 Dec 2017Official rebrand from ZTE nubia & check release date manno one now Archos brand just afew people, i think its french brand
                        but ZTE have great past, so ZTE makes this phone, this is very simple

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                          • AnonD-666503
                          • XPD
                          • 04 Dec 2017

                          Official rebrand from ZTE nubia & check release date man

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                            • wondering
                            • TRJ
                            • 02 Dec 2017

                            don't know if which is is copying which... when you comprehend this with ZTE nubia Z217s..


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                              • AnonD-207943
                              • uE5
                              • 29 Nov 2017

                              AnonD-686469, 24 Nov 2017Why get this phone when you can get Oneaplus 5T for almost ... moreOne factor: Display. Very hard to back from AMOLED to LCD

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                                • AnonD-718654
                                • T3m
                                • 27 Nov 2017

                                Good process @835, Bad battery @3100

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                                  • AnonD-686469
                                  • X06
                                  • 24 Nov 2017

                                  rich watarious, 21 Nov 2017Oh great staff there for the least price. Amazing price for... moreWhy get this phone when you can get Oneaplus 5T for almost the same price?

                                    The only obvious downside that I can see is front Cam.
                                    5MP f2.2 is just unacceptable for 2017 flagship, just like LG V30 also

                                      • J
                                      • Jason Melling
                                      • uBQ
                                      • 22 Nov 2017

                                      Antutu benchmarks have been outdated for years.

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                                        • rich watarious
                                        • CGH
                                        • 21 Nov 2017

                                        Oh great staff there for the least price. Amazing price for the specs. How can I get this phone and where?