Archos Oxygen 68XL

Archos Oxygen 68XL

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This is actually a great phone if you are not into the mainstream one or if you just want a phone that you can use every day without having to worry much about it. Hmm I might as well look more into to this.

  • Kaykay

This is a very good big screen phone. Sure, there are some phones with better specs at this price point. But the one place this phone shines is the SCREEN. You'll hardly find anything this big at $150.
I hope the manufacturers make something like this with a 7" to 8". 2020 is the year of big screens.
Check out the Huawei mate 20x, that is the size of phone I want at this budget price.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

R, 16 Mar 2019640p, yeah.. no.Could be due to the custom screen, also they clearly is aiming for maximizing battery life here...

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

NeonHD, 24 Feb 2019wtf is this lol #Cornernotch???For a small brand that is actually kinda cool... OwO

  • WhoDis?

It does have built-in radio, the battery is removable and it has no NFC sensors.

I came here looking for information on the screen glass, don't feel like I can trust a word that is said here now ... who's running this site?!

  • Architect

81mm WIDTH is GOOD, however screen resolution low and not OLED, and camera ...

  • BB

Excellent design. This is actually the Cubot Max 2. Though some of the specs seem low, the overall phone is designed extremely well and an incredible bargain for what it offers. Detractors of this new phone are not understanding how nice this huge screen phone with an incredibly low price fulfills what a good phablet is all about.

  • R

640p, yeah.. no.

  • babak

in 2019 even low end pamtech im100 has 13mp camera but archos has 8mp.useless device. archos thinks that mobile phone is only screen and nothing beyond that

wtf is this lol