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Asus Fonepad 7

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  • Anonymous

What is the number of. Emergency call ,when the screen is locked?

  • low

is this a dual sim standby phone mean 4g and 3g not 4g and 2g

  • Anonymous

homan, 13 Feb 2017Is device support LTE?no support 3g and H+

  • mohammadreza

My tablet removed IMEI after update and now not reed my simcart .

  • Peelys make

The oly problem is my (asus fonepad 7) all dead .l dont now

  • AnonD-703048

I play ACE OF ARENAS lovely MOBA esports.Play with me on this tab if you have this device.I have this device.Write here reply.This is the only MOBA that works good on this device and I 'm in hours,I like.Low graphics to stay hours.Eternal Arena is good also on this device but I don't play.That's for playing on this device.:-)

  • homan

AnonD-676833, 13 Jun 2017Hi can you help me to downgrade from lolipop to kitkat? whi... moreit's impossible in official way

  • AnonD-676833

AnonD-278938, 07 Nov 2016If you want to downgrade asus FonePad 7 then ask me. I told... moreHi can you help me to downgrade from lolipop to kitkat? which firmware do i need to download from asus website? Thanks.

  • Roro 567

For God's sake tell Facebook to make a suitable Facebook apk and messenger for the kitkat system of this device. Put it in your site if someone makes search for it. Do not neglect people. I will never buy your device again after this bad experience. Samsung correct this mistake buy sending a repair of the software in j5.

  • aditya

Eagle7, 17 Jun 2016Does this tablet support otg??? this is very important for... moreYes it does support my friend.

  • joannis125

I put a 32 GB card in the second slot, but they stored only still 8 gb, can help me some one

  • homan

Is device support LTE?

  • AnonD-610568

This is the third year running now. Fantastic device. Came in with some factory defects. Out of the box the camera crashed always, the battery was crap, the device was always getting heated. Just befor my warranty ran out the device refused to boot up anymore. It took me a very long process of going back and forth but the seller finally fixed the thing. They changed practically everything except my back casing. Now it does not heat anymore, the camera doesnot crash anymore but the picture quality is really poor. Browsing is heaven on this tab. If you want to get this tab please really consider than once you upgrade to Lolipop (it shipped with KitKat) you are going to start experiencing space issues. The Lolipop OS does not allow you install apps on your micro SD. And with just 4GB of internal memory available for storage, processes, apps and all, the device becomes laggy and almost atimes unsusable. Now as it stands i cant updat any of my apps because i do not have space and the Mashmellow update is not forthcoming. I guess this is an issue with ASUS and there are loads of threads of folks complaining about the same thing all over the world. My guess is, buy this Tab for your 10yr old daughter or son or the wife. I bought it practically to read books, all i wanted was an ebook so it serves the purpose. BTW i changed the touch screen again and the new one is absolutely rubbish. Im coping fine. Will review this maybe in future

  • AnonD-278938

If you want to downgrade asus FonePad 7 then ask me. I told u how to downgrade your tab.

  • angmoh

y cnt i slot in my micro sd card on asus Fonepad 7 me372cl??

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2016my asus fonepad 7 k00z(me175cg) is functioning well but its... morehi,
check this link in ebay, there are different prices... make sure you buy the exact LCD that matches your Fonepad model to fit in.

  • Anonymous

my asus fonepad 7 k00z(me175cg) is functioning well but its screen cant be touch anymore. where can i purchase it?

  • Anonymous

the worst phone ever! dont waste your time on this hanging stuff

  • Anonymous

Turna, 05 Oct 2016My Asus fonepaf 7 shuts up automatically even if it has 50 ... moreits not a big deal..don't use ur tab while charging may occurs

  • elahe

Hi guys.i bought asus fonepad 3years ago and now i have a big problem with its firmware(i think).whenever i want to start instagram there is an error "instagram has stopped"
How do i fix this please help me as soon as possible
At last i apologize for my language because i'm not good at english