Asus Fonepad 7 FE375CG

Asus Fonepad 7 FE375CG

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  • milad

is there any coustom rom for this tablet?

  • AnonD-265331

The only thing it lacks is 1 more gb of ram... And it'll be a nice companion till late 2018

  • Sandy

This phone is the best phone ever, it just like computer am enjoying it. So friends am recommending this Asus Fonepad 7 is just the best.thanks

  • bkl

very nice device and no one problem until i creashed...

  • Anonymous

need more ram.

  • Raaj

I'm not satisfied with my tablet . I was using this tab for 2 years and it's suddenly gave me a lot of problems such as screen lag,Sudden shut down and many more. People I'm still recommend this tab cause it gave me excellent performance in the past. All the tab have it's death . Mine 2 years + My tab alrdy upgraded to lollipop. Good luck guys make sure you guys handle with care.

  • amr

Attention: asus fonepad will not get marshmallow. Not fair!


after u update your fonepad from kitkat to lollipop clear all cache from the settings and just disable all apps that u dont use and enable only those impt pad stay smooth after i update it ti lollipop.

  • amr

Please help, 08 Dec 2015any one tried to upgrade his tab to the latest update(2015/... moreYeah the latest update from the website is ok but i have problems with sim2

  • Please help

any one tried to upgrade his tab to the latest update(2015/09/25) from asus's website Version WW_V12.14.3.18 ?

my tab android version 4.4.2 (Version WW_V11.10.1.43 )

  • Browny

I have 2 problems with this phone. 1.I can't stop the demo, for this it sings from morning to next. 2. apps don't stay in it. it dims like 10times a day, then after, everything wipes away. what do I do?

  • Jamorn

No any problems encounted until now. I Bought this device as 2nd-handed 2 days ago and update to Lolipop without any problems.

  • Niraj

Can anybody help me as how to order asus fonepad 7 dual sim's (SCREEN) as its cracked. I am from Bhutan and have no source here.

  • amr

Don't upgrade if 4 or 5 restarts a day will bother you

  • Anonymous

After you follow the link select android in [os] then click firmware and choose the correct update according to your tablet [ww] or[cn]... and download. After dowlnloading the zip file put it in [internal storage] not in sd card and then an update notification appears and you press it. As I said earlier it restarted randomly twice in 24 hours, other than that no pno serious problem appears

  • cforward

amr, 08 Oct 2015Guys, i downloaded the latest update from asus's website an... moreI'd went to and cannot find the update. Could you post the link please? Thanks!

  • amr

Oh yeah it started randomly a couple of times in the last 24 hours

  • amr

Guys, i downloaded the latest update from asus's website and upgraded the tablet manually and so far there are no problems

  • amr

Guys there is a new update on asus's website. Did anyone try it?