Asus Memo Pad 7 ME176C

Asus Memo Pad 7 ME176C

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  • a disappointed user

a horrible tablet. when I first bought it it worked relatively well, but now it is almost useless. in fact currently the only thing I can do with this device is to enter google, since with anything else that is done this tablet freezes TOO much. even while on google, the screen freezes. a lousy tablet, existing so many other models I do not recommend at all to buy this model. (by the way, sorry if I speak bad English, but I'm Spanish and I'm using google translate)

  • Marco

Terrible after a few years. Android 4.4 didn't upload and very soon most devoloppers abandoned 4.4 app versions.
Now this tablet is just useless and slow

  • DV

Blues, 15 Jun 2019Truly terrible tablet then and today. If used today it's ba... morePlease try custom ROM for this model (Lineage OS 14 -ANDROID 7.1) from XDA .It is faster than ever.There is even LOS 16.1 but I haven't try it yet. I totally agree with you that this tablet is unusable with stock 5.0 Lolipop. The only problem with LOS14.1 is that it still has huge battery drain in standby mode,like stock lollipop.But the solution is to turn it of when not using it.

Truly terrible tablet then and today. If used today it's barely serviceable with the amount of unforced crashes it goes through per day. It should even have the status of being "budget" when it's OS is this bad.

  • adoirne

The Android 5.0 is the final software this pad got. No more support. I will keep using it because I have tight budget.

  • Anonymous

It's definitely not one of the most reliable fully-functioning tablets out there in the market, and you can get a better deal in terms of performance with an outdated Samsung Galaxy Tab, I guarantee that.

The Memopad 7 is not entirely cut out of the market as its performance issues are precisely those of cheaper Chinese-brand phones, where its interface is experiencing several lags issues, but despite its general flaws, Asus does bring in several features that though, may not prove of much significance, gives certain edge to the tablet. Some of the preinstalled applications such as Asus Music are beautifully-designed and the performance of certain apps are also quite noteworthy.

As most Asus' products go, the camera is decent, for its price, that is. The light-sensitive camera does not help the struggling tablet many potential consumers, but this tablet is made clearly for certain apps. Simple apps such as Messenger, (Facebook), are not meant to be accessed on this tablet. Especially social-media applications, as the tablet will undergo severe lagging issues and there are certain instances of the keyboard being unable to keep up with the app itself, forcing the app to shut down and crash.

Overall, a 4.8/10 for the whole tablet. Design-wise for the external piece itself is mediocre. Not bad, but not good.

  • Anonymous

Where can I buy this brand new?

  • Live

jase, 08 Dec 2016do not buy this product, the pad won't charge the battery, ... moreJase the tabletisok. I had the same problem. All you needto do to fix it is remove the back cover and push in the batterry connection, then you can put some tape on the connection and all will be good. Just did it myself.

  • jase

do not buy this product, the pad won't charge the battery, the cable is on good funtions which i can use to charge my mobile, lag....don't think about want to buy this brand anymore.

  • AnonD-589745

mantasQ, 14 Oct 2015hello, it's possible, i done it, you can downgrade your dev... moreHow to downgrade asus memo pad7 please tell me.

  • AnonD-583499

Yes I repeat do NOT update this tablet!!! Horrible experience. LAG, FREQUENT FREEZES. Something told me not to update and I didnt listen to myself.

AnonD-576989, 26 Aug 2016NOOOOOO!!! Don't upgrade! I had the same tablet and loved i... moreAlright. I did not upgrade it. Looks like I'm sticking with kitkat then.

  • AnonD-576989

Proto, 19 Jun 2015Factory reset and reinstall the gps program, everything is ... moreDid the factory reset downgrade the tablet back to KitKat

  • AnonD-576989

NOOOOOO!!! Don't upgrade! I had the same tablet and loved it on KitKat but when I upgraded to Lollipop I experienced overall slowdown, crashing, and app compatibility issues.

I just bought this tablet yesterday, and so far overall I'm impressed with it. Only thing which is not so good is camera, but I can live with that. But one thing I was wondering is if I should upgrade to lollipop, since It's running android 4.4.3 now, and inmediately after I turned it on I received software update message. But I decided to wait with that, since I saw that with 5.0 battery drains faster and there are some GPS problems. So, anyone knows if that's fixed or I should stick with the version I have now?

  • shinkoku

Faie, 01 Aug 2016My pad can't read pdf files. How to fix it?Just install apps which are made to read pdf...

For example:

  • Faie

My pad can't read pdf files. How to fix it?

  • In c

baba ladla, 11 Mar 2016WOW!!!! can you teach me english because you're really g... more

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See? You're not alone. Sarcastic derision over valuable info. Yet somehow (how, oh how???), this remains the only comment with an upvote.

  • Dodo

Does the tablet performance better with 5 or 4 android ?

  • Abdo

Zhealer, 11 Feb 2016are you under kitkat or Lollipop ?Orginal : kitkat .. however it got the lolipop update 5.0