Asus Memo Pad 8 ME181C

Asus Memo Pad 8 ME181C

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  • Omid

AnonD-545713, 01 Jul 2016please help me. My tab always shutdown when it reach 50% b... moreYou need to calibrate your battery if it reaches an amount like 50 and turns off.
Google it, it's easy

  • Rbruington

Can this devise use a SIM card? If so, in the SD slot?

  • Anonymous

Asus never updated to android 5 which is a shame....

  • Anonymous

been using it for more than 2 years and still rocks. Despite the lack of RAM only 1GB (forget multi tasking) or it will get slow, works really well. Has TONS of bloatware but if you root and you uninstall most apps it works really nice.

Image quality is more than acceptable but sound is mediocre and low.

  • Riz

I have been using this tab for an year and I found it extremely wonderful machine. Everything is just perfect..

  • LuisC

I came from a Nexus 7 tablet that I absolutely loved but got stolen, so I thought that since Asus manufactured it all their tablets must have been good.

How wrong I was. The battery life is awful, and once you've installed more than 10 apps in it it starts to lag. Random reboots, incompatible apps, and the lag in basic apps stressed me to no end. The games run quite decently, however (But they drain up the battery a lot)

There's a lot of better tablets at similar prices, so avoid this tablet unless you get it as a gift or something.

  • Anonymous

I bought one for my mother and it still works. The only bad thins is the poor soport, but thats because of Intel. Also has tons of bloatware pre installed which you can´t remove.
other than that is ok. Sound quality on video calls is poor has a few distortions.

No the best out there but ok


This tab is very very bad and asus support is weak ........

  • AnonD-560614

I have been using this model for 1 year 8 months- I don't like it( I don't recommend it to anyone. It has its own life with its own mood. Not speedy- MeMoPad is really slow! I'm don't trust ASUS anymore(((

  • AnonD-545713

please help me. My tab always shutdown when it reach 50% battery. Please help how to solve this issue

  • Ikenna

Absolutely horrible excuse for a tablet. Apps keep crashing, the tab lags a lot. Heaven forbid you put in a memory card. That almost always shuts the system down. 2/10.

  • Jim

Have owned this tab for 5 months and hate it with a passion. Constant lag, random reboots, wifi loses connectivity, no updates past 4.4.2, and absolutely no mod support for this thing out there that I can find aside from rooting. Something about the bootloader is locked and cannot be unlocked. Therefore, we're stuck with 4.4.2. Wondering if others are having issue I am having or maybe I just got a bad one......

  • Asd

I want update version lollipop

  • Jim

Jim, 28 Sep 2015I have a similar problem. Seems like every other time I pic... moreI have the MeMO 8 Pad, 1 year older ME 180A. I have always had this problem with Wi-Fi. I've called ASus Support and they have no answer why the Wi-Fi shuts itself off??

  • Jim

psykotown, 11 Jun 2015I've had this amazing peace of tech for about 9 months, and... moreI have a similar problem. Seems like every other time I pick it up, it does not have an internet connection and I need to turn wifi off/on. I have only owned this device for 3 days and has been fully updated (ASUS stock updates).

  • Donvj123

Hello there, 20 May 2015@Donvj123 It will get lollipop update. Asus Finland Confirm... moreWhere is the post? im still waiting for lollipop update. I dont think they update my me181c to lollipop.

  • Eddie

gabi, 11 Aug 2015Does it have gorilla glass? no it dont.. i have the same tablet and it gets easily scratched

  • faas

Where did Asus Finland confirm an update? I would be very upset if this didn't update as it's only a year old. It was a great deal (got mine for $75) and its a great tablet that would do well with lollipop

  • gabi

Does it have gorilla glass?

  • AnonD-426138

JY, 29 Jun 2015Anyone know why mine wont turn on it just wont boot up reco... moreawesome features!!!!!