Asus P320

Asus P320

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This phone is produce by HTC! not originally from ASUS.!
HTC also will produce this as "HTC TOUCH Find"

  • Soyabean

Wouldnt be an all in one without 3G...

  • flaviand

The smallest WM touchscreen phone with GPS and wifi.
If the price will be low wnough, this one should be another successful All-In-One from Asus.

  • valteam

it is a touch screen!!!

  • BoxIL

why isn't it a touchscreen?

  • Anonymous

looks good and that's it. limited resources: 128 MB RAM 64 MB ROM, 201 MHz. Will not be reliable for multi-tasking and viewing hi-res, hi-def files... Will do for basic tasks and browsing.

  • Steve

Compare to P750 , P320 is nothing !

  • Anonymous

what!! no 3g? its useless

  • gt?

is a veryyyyyyyyyyy good mobile but the memory is not a good

  • jonathan

its sounds like the trash named touch, slow processor and litle ram, trash!!!

  • Zobi

Zobi first!! Good phones thinks Zobi