Asus P525

Asus P525

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  • Reiga van houten

I have hand phone Asus p525.. but i cant change the language to indonesi... can you help me... please....

  • james

GADGETSTAR, 20 Feb 2013where can i find one of these phones 2day plz help!!!i have asus p525 who want to buy ? here my #09484870958

  • florinu

AnonD-96651, 04 Jan 2013Please, will you help me step by step how to change the language... morego to


where can i find one of these phones 2day plz help!!!

  • AnonD-96651

Please, will you help me step by step how to change the language from german to french?

  • AnonD-47354

Tribute to the Asus P525, one of the best Windows Mobile smartphones ever made.
Following 3 years of faithful and irreplaceable service and assistance in travel and most diverse life-tasks, throughout 4 continents and most extreme weather conditions, the camera behind almost all the shots posted in the albums of this profile...i am saying farewell to this remarkable machine that is about to be phased out in order to go on its deserved rest, after being dismantled, cleaned from inside and restored, while being replaced by its younger brother, the P535.

  • Anonymous

how do change language on asus p525


How do I Faramth device and change the language from English to French

  • Aen

For whom have the automatically shutdown problem, i've addresses this problem. This problem due to at the backside inside battery cover, there is one other battery switch that will be push by battery cover but it is not properly push by the cover. To locate the switch, open the battery cover and find the small square hold at the lower right side the battery (do not remove the battery). After u found it, put some paper inside the hole and then put on the cover back. This will solved the problem.

  • Aen

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2011i have purchase this mobile mobile in Very chip value. the piece... moreI use this mobile phone for about 5 years and still working fine until now. If u wanna battery last longer after 1 full charged, here is some trick. You need to activate the "turn off standby mode". Click on "battery" icon/indicator and it will show u the "battery power remaining" page. After that, click "Advanced" and at the "on battery power" option, tick on the "Turn off device if not used for" box and then choose 1 minute. The easier way to do this trick just by simply press a single click on/off button (dont hold and off the power) before u lock ur keypad by using the "HOLD" button.

And now ur phone will turn off automatically after 1 minute on standby mode but it still at "ON MODE" and it consume less battery power than a normal standby mode. If u want to activate the phone, release hold button and then just press a single click on/off button and ur phone will came back on standby mode. Dont worry, u still can received incoming calls and SMS on the "turn off standby mode".

  • Anonymous

i have purchase this mobile mobile in Very chip value. the piece is good condition but battery is not good then given problam 2-3 times charging a day
i have first time use windows mobile i like it wi-fi , touch screen , blutooth , outlook , excel ,word , powerpoint, java supported 416 mhz processor ,
[ wm 5 version ] and camera was good
how to upgrade my dEvice or pc suit
[ usb drivers ] please sent me website to download it

$ one more help me wifi connectivity / network hack with trick or software ?
how to hack wireless device on place
thanks ?

  • icezack

i just what to ask how to use the wi-fi cause it can connect but when i type some address it will display page cannot found.its making it hard for me to access to the internet.

  • munna

hi! please tell me the suggestion about free voip calls in Asus P525. here I unable to make free voip calls in this mobile. can u suggest me? please...

  • Anonymous

asus master, 24 Sep 2010you can buy asus stylus in SM SOUTHMALL las pinas... hi do you know where I can have my handheld fixed? Mine shuts down automatically and from what I've heard Asus already retrieved all their units and parts therefore not fixing Asus handhelds anymore

  • kamal

kamal, 19 Sep 2010i'm looking also for arabic patchvisit

  • asus master

Astenos, 08 Jan 2010 I got my phone a year ago, but accidentally my stylus fell and ... moreyou can buy asus stylus in SM SOUTHMALL las pinas...

  • kamal

Saeed Ghafourian, 07 Dec 2006By the way, does anybody know if ASUS has released an arabic pat... morei'm looking also for arabic patch


its a verry bad one,, my money was useless


very bad ,,,,


switch off automaticaly, during last one year,....i bought from rusia in 2007, may.