Asus P527

Asus P527

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  • stkgc

can i use this phone on crickert wireless?

  • AlexLion

- The screen is actually VGA (480x640), but it only works in this mode while viewing photos full-screen. There used to be a hack that turned the whole phone into VGA, but it reduced the batt life sagnificantly.

- The device is officially upgradable to WM6.1 Pro. Unofficial WM6.5 firmware is also available.

  • Wizen

While i am talking sound is very. Now battery is become demage. How i'll get the new battery. Kindly let me know in india available or not.

  • Vampire

i want a body and screen for my asus p527 how i can get it????

  • aleem

I am happy with the features of asus 5. But my reliance GPRS is not working. I called customer care and they told me that this device is not compatible :(. Please help me.

  • Arun

My Asus P527 is powering ON, but not getting into windows screen, instead asking to move cursor to corner of the screen. seems to be a touchscreen issue. Appreciate a solution or service centre to repair...

  • anu

i am not able to restart my p527 as it is showing this message "storage memory is critically low . if storage memory is not increased,other programs may nor be able to start. use file explorer to delete files that are no longer needed or move some files to storage card."
i am not able to access anything then how will i delete files . i removed battery n put it in again but the same message repeats.
some one please help
somebody please help

  • IFFU

best site to download apps in this p527?

  • Killer_boy

This is the only known phone to have GPS support, and it's GPS not AGPS and it requires to update the database once in 3 days and for next 3 days it does not require data connection and works at a precision of 1m radius.Damn it's good !!!


how to tab alaignment set

  • rahul

svrk, 06 Dec 2012is it possible to update windows 6.1 version in this mobile... moreYes, you can put custom Windows 6.5 ROM on it to upgrade. I too did the same couple of years back. Just google it and you will be able to find it on some site.

  • TAJ1980

suip, 11 Aug 2012worst mobile ever i have purchased no voice no playing fi... morei completely agree with u bro .... the only worst phone i've used till date

  • svrk

is it possible to update windows 6.1 version in this mobile...and i lost the to change it...

  • raju

i am not able to open messages, the error is showing that - " voice commander encounted problem restart and try again." but i have restarted voice commander so many times but it is still not opening my messages
kindly solve the issue
my mail id is -

  • Anonymous

chary, 19 Jan 2011I have P527 mobile and i am keeps on getting Space alert an... morejust update ur softwre.

  • suip

worst mobile ever i have purchased
no voice
no playing files
not memory
no good camera

  • santhosh

I am using the Asus P527 my streaming Player is getting disconnected while seeing the vedios on youtube....

  • santhosh

I am Using the Asus P527 I just want to upgrade the softwear, or can i get a good exchange on the existing...

  • Shamim

i am Bangladeshi. I have this phone, But i had lost its display or touch. But i want to buy it, to repair my phone please give me some information or contact number to online buying this parts.

  • Anonymous

alarm sound is insufficient.
WiFi connection doesn't work for granted.
screen resolution/camera is inferior.

outlook synchronizes nicely.