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Was there any reason why this phone costed €1000 at launch?

  • AnonD-462746

Mine died after 1.5 years or so, I bought a battery replacement and I installed it thinking it would solve the issue it didn't !! Does anybody else have a dead Asus PadFone Infinity ??

I would like to try and fix it....

  • Ats

hamzah, 20 May 2016I have padrone infinity my touch broke n i seach to replace... moreMy touch screen broke too...
Then I ordered a new touch screen unit from AliExpress for $70... and my phone is now as good as new! It is my 4th year with my favourite Padfone Infinty A86 (phone + Pad).

  • Chay

i used my padfone for almost 2 two years and it works for me.

  • hamza

I have Asus padfone the black one n I can't find a touch anyware in our country can someone plz help me with that

  • hamzah

I have padrone infinity my touch broke n i seach to replace it n i cant find the touch any way in the market

  • hamzah

I have padrone infinity my touch broke n i seach to replace it n i cant find the touch any way in the market

  • Anonymous

Lousy phone, I used last than a month. broke down send to service centre wait for nearly two weeks then can collect. I very disappointed for the phone function and durability.
Drop one time screen crack. Overall, don't buy this phone waste of money. I rate only half a star in five star score. :(

  • AnonD-426669

I bought the padfone infinity A80 in May. The phone would get quite hot when I used MX player to watch movies. The cellular and Wifi signals were quite weak. Phone broke down completely within 2 months. Had it repaired and the motherboard was changed. The engineer damaged my screen protector. When he thought he damaged the screen, he tried to deny any responsibility and the phone was sent back. It turned out to be the screen protector. When the phone was finally sent back, the phone broke within 48 hours. Their customer service in Taiwan refused to replace the phone with a new one and their service is horrible beyond imagination.

  • Alv

reza, 12 Sep 2013Why are metal body, powerful processor and ample memory, th... moreI guess it's because there is not much advertisement on this phone, & it is not sold in all 90% of retail (at least in singapore). I had to search for months to find out which retail is available. & the salesperson is not helpful enough to provide the technical knowledge on the phone.

  • Alv

Have been using Padfone Infinity for over a year now, hardware is excellent, but sent to factory twice due to software crashed. Overall the interface is very convenient to be handled.
A question which I saw few ppl were asking here, can I use the same docking station with the New Padfone Infinity 2 (or any other new Padfone)? If yes I might consider buying new Asus Padfone, thanks for advice.

  • asus sucks

thats why its so cheap to have hi-spec..

  • Padfone Singapore

I have owned 2 sets of asus padfone.
Padfone 2 and new padfone infinity.

After using the 2 sets, i have concluded i would not want to consider to buy any phone under asus.

Here are the experience.
1. Padfone 2. Docking faulty sent for repair, still not sensitive and faulty now. Padfone 2,sent twice to repair, now faulty as cannot hear from phone.

2. New padfone infinity, screen not sensitive and phone hanging and slows down.

The phone and tablet faults appear within a year. Warranty is for 1 year, however its troublesome to visit the service centre every few months and without a phone to use for a couple of days die to servicing.

If a person does not mind sending mobile and tablet every few months and live without a mobile while servicing then should be ok.

  • littlecrow

hi.. if i buy padfone x, can use infinity docking station? I lost my infinity phone(A80). So i have only station.

  • Anonymous

Hello I have a question so I have an ASUS PadFone X and I cracked the screen and I'm having trouble finding a replacement screen will the screen from an ASUS PadFone infinity A80 fit on the PadFone X?

  • Sujal

NAC, 22 Jul 2014Hi, It happened to me. It is the switch inside the slot tha... moreHi, I have the same experience. The wifi does not work properly with padfone alone, however works fine when used with the pad.

  • Paul

Juliano, 06 Apr 2014It happened the same with me. What did you do? You resend t... moreAnother thing you could consider is sending it to a service point near your location. You will have to pay administration fees (35-60 euros). If it is only the loudspeaker or a cheap component that needs to be replaced, then this way will probably end up being cheaper than shipping it to the remote service point where repairs for your device are covered.

The caveat is that, if the service guys say you need a replacement motherboard, then that is 35-60 euros down the drain, as replacement costs for mobos are in the range of 300 euros. (which is never worth it for an 1 year old device)

But hear this piece of Asus service lunacy out. I first send my malfunctioned phone to a service point in Netherlands. The guys here told me that along with the speaker, the mobo also had to be replaced. (costs upwards of 300 euros PLUS admin costs) I rejected repairs so ended paying for service costs only.

Then I sent it through my supplier to a service point in Asia where I was told that they only had to replace the loudspeaker. At that point, I got absolutely livid as I couldn't understand how two service points operating for the same company could come to differing conclusions. I asked for explanations, never got any. In the end, the loudspeaker replacement fix proved to be proper. My device is fully functional, too bad I bought a Moto G in the meantime and am using that fulltime :))

My advice to anyone is keep away from this series of Asus padfones. They are not reliable enough and the service you get is questionable. You can get similar quality without much of these hurdles. Asus is a very good brand for laptops, not so much for smartphone devices it seems.

  • Paul

Juliano, 06 Apr 2014It happened the same with me. What did you do? You resend t... moreSorry. Only now I got to see your comment. I was fortunate enough that the supplier provided me with an option where they would pay shipping costs in case of malfunction within the warranty period. This was stipulated in the offer, but I had to be insistent with them before they acted.

If your supplier didn't offer you such an option, the only thing you can do is send the phone to a service point in a country where your warranty covers repairs. Depending on how much shipping costs, it might or it might not be worth it.

  • NAC

Amin NB, 01 Jun 2014i bought it 6 month age, the phone is perfect ,very nice, f... moreHi, It happened to me. It is the switch inside the slot that occasionally does not release itself. You just have to do a little twist to the phone as you insert it in the slot. Good luck.
By the way, the wifi of the phone in stand alone mode does not work propoerly; with the pad works fine. Any similar experience?

  • Anonymous

The Asus Infinity padfone was the answer to my phone searching days. BUT the screen/LCD cracks before you know it. The Touch capability disappears and the phone becomes useless. There is no one replacing the screens and the guarantee doesn't work nor exist. i had both the pouch and screen protector but it didnt help. PLEASE ASUS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE SCREEN..