Asus PadFone Infinity 2

Asus PadFone Infinity 2

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  • Mohammad

ali nikzad, 04 Nov 2015mhl ???U can use slimport instead of mhl.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2016Non-removable Li-Po 2400 mAh batteryYa.. what about it?

  • Anonymous

Non-removable Li-Po 2400 mAh battery

  • ali nikzad

mhl ???

  • Maher

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2015Sadly Asus does not seem to support their phone buyers. It ... moreThere's lollipop update for this phone on asus web site

  • pedi

AnonD-383544, 07 Apr 2015this one support dual sim or not? is it support USB otg ... moreit uses 1 sim and supports otg

  • Anonymous

Sadly Asus does not seem to support their phone buyers. It was not long ago this was their there is no update for lollipop as promised, and you can no longer buy the Asus Padfone Infinity station for it. All this despite a number of retailers still selling this phone new.
A great phone and concept with the pad station, just no support from Asus.

  • AnonD-383544

this one support dual sim or not?

is it support USB otg also?

  • Anonymous

malay, 06 Mar 2015this padfone OS cannot upgradable into kitkat?'s not mentioned in this website

  • malay

this padfone OS cannot upgradable into kitkat?

  • moghana

Thank you for the information

  • karthik

I bought this phone in singapore in offer price, S$199 (Rs.9200), working very nice battery life also good, but it take too long to get charge (almost 4 hours to get 100% battery), over heated during video call.

But over all good for this price.

  • moghana

hi.I love this padfone.How to buy or not?
I'm living in Iran.
I love you all

  • Anonymous

Have had one since the release (I live in Taiwan) and it's been solid. Definitely can recommend this product.

AnonD-156904, 18 Sep 2013Really a great device. I love the idea but, what's the reas... moreyes, I agree with you. my prefference for screen size is 4-4.5 inch. then when i need bigger screen, i can use the tablet/the dock

  • A-Nice

Mary, 14 Nov 2014I'm looking for PadFone infinity 2 without tablet, because ... moreYou can check on mobicity. I know they did have the padfone infinity 2 sometime ago in stock.

  • Mary

I'm looking for PadFone infinity 2 without tablet, because i've already lost my mobile..
is anybody want to sell just the mobile (PadFone)?

  • Richo 73

Siva, 11 Aug 2014See if possible to reduce the size of the mobile phone .. a... moreYou can buy a padfine infinity mini. It is a 4 inch phone that docks into a 7 inch tablet.

  • AnonD-318371

The phone is so much is it??? And can i get in lagos??

  • AnonD-311908

For all people outside of asia, please note the major change from infinity to infinity 2 is the introduction of more GSM bands. eg; Infinity 2 will work fine in Australia now but infinity 1 will still have no 3g. Check Gsm banwidths and compare to what your networks offer before buying.