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AzureLord, 29 Apr 2017I wish Asus would've returned to make such devices with upd... moreI'd be pleased for a SD845 with 6 GB Ram, 64/128 GB storage, 5.2inch 16:9 FHD. and a fair battery of 3,350 mAh. while the dock will be a 12.2incher FHD with an impressive 11Ah battery. Front cam: Phone 8MP, Dock 5 MP. rear will be 12 MP dualcam.

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    • 18 Nov 2017

    Have been using this since 2014. Dropped it a few times and broke it this year making the screen on the phone not responsive, still running fine as a tablet. Only complaint is the lack of update. A lot of apps are not compatible nowadays although it has enough power to handle it. I wanted to buy the S version on Amazon but they shipped me a X!!

    I love the concept of convertible and not needing to transfer data over the cloud.

    I would get it again if they revive the series.

      I wish Asus would've returned to make such devices with updated hardware. true. the optimisation is not particularly great. but being able to switch from phone to tablet at whim is gorgeous idea! the new device should be 5.2inch FHD with SD821 4 GB ram/64 storage.
      and 3,200 mAh battery while the thablet should be 11,7inch FHD with 9Ah battery.

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        • Matoto
        • LD2
        • 03 Feb 2017

        Hate my Padfone X. it displays a 4g network, but never works properly. The network signal always fails and displays "emergency call only". To restaure it, the only option is to restart the device. After restarting, the signal is seen for a few moment, just the time to send a msg on whatsapp.
        I dont konw how resolve this issue.
        Is there someone who can grant me an idea?

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          • AnonD-595549
          • yAp
          • 09 Oct 2016

          eric, 12 Jul 2016i had two warranty replacements as well. i finally gave up... moreGo to XDA-developers forums. You can actually root and unlock the bootloader to load in the PF500KL (Padfone S) Lollipop ROM on it. They're apparently working on Marshmallow but they're already 3 months past due on it so I wouldn't hold your breath for that. :)

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            • eric
            • q9X
            • 12 Jul 2016

            Anonymous, 25 Mar 2016I've been wondering. I'm on my 3rd warranty replacement an... morei had two warranty replacements as well. i finally gave up on the phone once i realized they were never going to update it past 4.4.2.
            it was a great device before 4.4.2 lost so much apps support - youtube in particular.

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              • 16 Jun 2016

              Anonymous, 25 Mar 2016I've been wondering. I'm on my 3rd warranty replacement an... moreI have two Asus PadFone X devices. Both have been erratic since last Software Update. Phones will restart themselves randomly. Unable to make/receive phone calls. No Network/SIM error, Behaves as if devices are going in/out of Airplane Mode, but Airplane Mode is unchecked. Multiple Factory Resets and disabling Auto Update of Apps have NOT resolved issue. We have had our phones forwarded to Google Voice just so we can communicate.

              I am an STNA Care Giver for my companion with MS. He wears an Emergency Lifeline Pendant to alert me if he should fall. If the Alarm company is unable to reach us on either of our devices, they will dispatch the Emergency Squad!

              Neither AT&T/Asus will admit to this as being their responsibility and are REFUSING to offer NO COST options until there is a RESOLUTION to the CORRUPT SOFTWARE ISSUE. Oddly, this all happened almost exactly 2 years to the day of contract!

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                • ibm
                • 09 Jun 2016

                Finally, get myself it's cousin Padfone S Plus 3GB RAM, 64GB internal storage version with tablet station and keyboard dock at $200, unlocked, at my country. The phone itself cost around $125. Tablet station itself is $50, and keyboard dock $25.
                Upgraded to Android 5.0.
                The tablet itself is very heavy, notice degradation in performance on tablet mode, camera only 5.5MP on tablet mode. Tablet dock itself has no OTG feature, only for charging. The dual speaker of the tablet also is pretty bad.
                Anyway, with this 64GB version selling at this price, and still come with Micro SD slot, and SD801 processor, it is the best budget smartphone, tablet hybrid and netbook with keyboard.
                The keyboard connect using bluetooth connection, and don't supply power to the phone.

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                  • 25 Mar 2016

                  moe k, 13 Nov 2014same problem here - stuck in perpetual airplane mode - neit... moreI've been wondering. I'm on my 3rd warranty replacement and this one is not working that well. Now the warranty has run out. I have literally had a working padphone for approximately 30% of the last three years over which I have been paying for it. I have lost business calls for weeks because of this phone.

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                    • 3W$
                    • 22 Feb 2016

                    mikedidit, 19 Feb 2015I just upgraded to the padfone x from an old nokia e5. I a... moreWhat's the name of the app?pleas

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                      • k8J
                      • 28 Nov 2015

                      moe k, 13 Nov 2014same problem here - stuck in perpetual airplane mode - neit... moresame problem stuck with the airplane mode. At&t and Asus don't have the solution the problem!! I spent hours to find out the way it. Any suggestions???

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                        • hamid
                        • 5Jm
                        • 22 Nov 2015

                        the phone is very fast and nice, but the battery life suck's , especially in navigation mode

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                          • AnonD-444727
                          • fJC
                          • 26 Sep 2015

                          Amazing is a small word.
                          I blind buy this thing. For a moment i thought I am going greedy for a TAB+cell but believe me it was the most amazing thing happened to me.This stuff works wonders.Amazing Camera. 3D works like LG G3. best front cam for selfies until now. best apps by ASUS already in there. and the TAB..... tell me which tab is 2.3GHz quad-core in market at the same prize? I highly recommend it to everyone. 10/10+

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                            • nono
                            • Nk7
                            • 01 Sep 2015

                            Anonymous, 22 May 2015get padfone x save $300, then flash padfone s firmware ...l... morethis mobile phone it comes with tablet and also for business men they can take two mobilephones which are asus padfone x with them to their work ha yes they can do it?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • LDF
                              • 22 May 2015

                              Anonymous, 08 May 2015get padfone s, its the sameget padfone x save $300, then flash padfone s firmware a boss

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                                • LDF
                                • 08 May 2015

                                AnonD-361397, 08 Feb 2015I wish it will be released for Asia.get padfone s, its the same

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                                  • mikedidit
                                  • Y2n
                                  • 19 Feb 2015

                                  I just upgraded to the padfone x from an old nokia e5. I am a cheap straighttalk user....I like the fixed 50 bucks a month. It is a large phone to carry but, I like the bigger screen and I like to play games on the even bigger screen tablet....nice, quick plugin and go feature. The battery time seemed short and so I installed an app minder to kill the extra ATT junk and now I get a full day out of it-no problem. I may be just about dead on battery time when I get home and I can slide it into the tablet and wow(!)...big screen, living of the tablet battery and continuing on. I ditched my 600$ ipad for this 220$ phone and tablet. I am pleased with the switch!

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                                    • kdw
                                    • UCH
                                    • 10 Feb 2015

                                    AnonD-357407, 29 Jan 2015does the phone have a notification LED?yes it has LED for notification both on pad and phone

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                                      • AnonD-361397
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                                      • 08 Feb 2015

                                      I wish it will be released for Asia.

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                                        • AnonD-357407
                                        • 9aw
                                        • 29 Jan 2015

                                        does the phone have a notification LED?