Asus ROG Phone 3 Strix

Asus ROG Phone 3 Strix

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  • 02 Feb 2023

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2021Asus rog phone 3 is one of the most problematic and worst p... moreDude what are you even talking about? ROG 3 is a great phone, great preformance, great quality, etc... maybe you're talking about another phone or someone scammed you and sold you a fake ROG 3. Just shut up and get outta here with your BS.

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    • Randy
    • mxt
    • 11 Jan 2022

    This phone is great for playing games and apps are super fast. No problem with that. The screen is freakin awesome. 144Hz. Yep. Battery good, game for hours, watch movies and still Im on 40% by the time I go to bed. Now the bad parts: Asus does not publish any VoLTE or VoWiFi profiles for this phone for most carriers. That means when I make a call, my phone drops to 3G to make that call. Ok if you're not downloading/tethering etc, but if you are .. your data is going to be practically unusable while you're on the call. Second I can't make any wifi calls at all. This is all because Asus have chosen not to support most carriers outside of countries like Russia, China, Latvia, Mexico, Brazil. So I'm not too happy that this superphone can't do things that my phone from 2017 could do and not because the phone is incapable of it, but because Asus don't care enough to support it on the "world wide" firmware (or the EU one).

    It also doesn't support the latest 5G frequencies being used in Europe (namely n1 and n28) and this is going to make the phone less useful. But it is still fast, I've measured over 860mbit on 5G with it, but if you are near a 5G antenna that uses n1/n28 you're in trouble.

    Good phone. But not quite up to "flagship" quality in terms of features/support. But probably one of the best gaming phones you can buy and a good all-rounder.

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      • Mark
      • LcZ
      • 05 Jan 2022

      I have had this phone for 6 months now and its had 6 months of HARD use gaming at 144hz daily. Absolutely no issues whatsoever. Upgraded to Android 11 and using the active aerocooler while charging / playing at the same time

      Great front facing speakers. Amazing responsive screen. Eye-catching RGB. Everything a gamer needs

      No headphone jack - Don't be a cheapskate and get a pair of quality wireless headphones. You'll need them as all phones are going this way now (Thanks, Apple!)

      No SD card slot - 256GB is plenty of storage for android gaming. You aren't going to be taking millions of photos and recording 4K footage as you'll be busy gaming. Even if you do - Use Onedrive / google drive / USB Drive to back them up externally

      It's aimed squarely at gamers and not insta-whores. If you want a phone that does everything pretty well then look elsewhere. If you want more headshots and better FPS then look no further

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        • Exil
        • pdq
        • 11 Dec 2021

        TotoyMETAL, 01 Jun 2021I had the same problem about it, but i fixed it already..Yo... moreHow to instal it and what will it fix?

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          • Dragos
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          • 07 Oct 2021

          Scar, 13 Feb 2021Does Google play work on this?Yes

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            • addxnn
            • fIV
            • 07 Sep 2021

            TotoyMETAL, 01 Jun 2021I had the same problem about it, but i fixed it already..Yo... moreis this for global ?

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              • 6p}
              • 07 Aug 2021

              Asus rog phone 3 is one of the most problematic and worst phones in the world. For gamers, it is like a dream phone. Although I was one of them and I bought this phone a year ago, there are some benefits to playing games on this phone which is now a very low cost and the good quality phone also has many advantages over the games of this phone, except that it is a completely ruined phone, starting from the black cross issue of the display of this phone, its fingerprints, overheating of the phone, its cheating camera, the horrible problem of phone ROM and also have more problem and it is costly from other phone .your company is ahead in making bad laptops, it is also in the forefront of bad and bad phones, especially in gaming phones. Asus company you need to ashamed. Learn from my words so you can lead your company to more success.

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                • zebi
                • sxr
                • 16 Jun 2021

                Hi guys, is it worth to buy rog phone 3 than the other brand?

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                  • TotoyMETAL
                  • Lbp
                  • 01 Jun 2021

                  1, 07 Sep 2020same issue.... anybody can help?I had the same problem about it, but i fixed it already..You just need to update the firmware..Go to this link.. \m/


                    Too many issues with this phone. True it's fast but there are too many software issues that need addressing: charging on the bottom port does not work properly with the charger, i have to resort using the side port; network issues werein the signal drops, i've got high pings while playing games which can only be fixed when you restart the game, my p30 pro does not behave like this; too many background apps run even after optimizing and closing these damn google apps that i never used, even if you uninstall them google play will just keep returning them in your phone, so annoying. This is my first and last asus phone, no one beats huawei they're on par with sony and apple, ill go back to them even at the cost of my hated design of their phones that adopts ugly punch holes and notches.

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                      • Seeber
                      • IBx
                      • 27 Mar 2021

                      Thoughty, 11 Feb 2021Does Asus rog 3 strix improve performance on X mode (L1-L3)... moreIt does a lot the phone got 1mhz ont x mode 2mhz and if toi have a fan you can go Up to 3.2mhz

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                        • flipphone user
                        • EJb
                        • 17 Mar 2021

                        Seferoth, 06 Jan 2021No headphone jack or sd-card slot? And they call this a &qu... moreIt uses Bluetooth not a jack,its meant for gaming.

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                          • Scar
                          • Kg}
                          • 13 Feb 2021

                          Does Google play work on this?

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                            • Thoughty
                            • mNI
                            • 11 Feb 2021

                            Does Asus rog 3 strix improve performance on X mode (L1-L3) as on rog 3, how big difference it is?

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                              • not me
                              • t7r
                              • 06 Feb 2021

                              AnonD-973296, 04 Jan 2021its pretty much the same phone except the processor and les... moreyes. it is possible since Qualcomm makes these chips. they can pretty much set the price for these chips and given that this one is the vanilla 865 meant that it's cheaper than the modded, over-clocked version available on the original.

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                                • sxr
                                • 01 Feb 2021

                                oneplus 8T or this rog 3 strix which is a better buy?

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                                  • kpR
                                  • 10 Jan 2021

                                  some specs listed are off guys

                                    No headphone jack or sd-card slot? And they call this a "gaming" phone. Hard pass.

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                                      • AnonD-973296
                                      • GYi
                                      • 04 Jan 2021

                                      its pretty much the same phone except the processor and less RAM and ur telling me they shaved off 100 bucks alone from that

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                                        • sxs
                                        • 26 Dec 2020

                                        andy fu , 09 Nov 2020no more black screen like rog phone 2?same question