Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate

Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate

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I bought the 5s pro model over the ultimate version, boy i sure hope i didnt make the wrong choice. Its rare to find the ultimate version, saw a used one for usd1000 at a mobile store, but bought a brand new 5s pro for usd1110 instead. Heard alot about the heating issues and throttling of 888+ compared to 888 etc

  • PhoneRecommender

Phone 5 out of 5 best you can get highly reccomend this!!!

  • Ninoid

3 months using this phone:
+ Performance Excellent
+ Battery capacity
+ Charging is fast (40 to 80 in 15 min)
+ Bypass charging really helpfull when playing games
+ 144 refresh rate
+ quick bug fix (6 update since)

- Weight is heavy
- Size is big
- 144hz refresh rate on = heat

Excalibur, 06 Jun 2021Why are there people still wanting this after failing the b... moreWhoever rich enough to not care about the bend. Duhh

  • Folinton

does this phone support mhl?

Same performance and heat with rog 5 basic with much expensive price, cool

  • Anoanonymous

1080 x 2448 pixels, GGWP :)

  • Anonymous

Somebody, 09 Jun 2021Good specs and price but I will miss. Very weak phone about... moreNow I wonder why some people I know prefer to use tablets or ipads when they are playing games, not to mention they are also use by some gamers, with an average time of 4hrs.

  • sin

Need more storage at least 1tb for a gaming smartphone should have 2tb is ideal

Also i hope next year asu adds a built in fan too the smartphone
lets be real here all gaming phones should have built in fans

i think asu should focus on gaming not the camera
I do think 64mb camera is overkill only need just x1 camera 12mb camera on each side

Other then the 2 problems i just listed its a great smartphone

  • Anonymous

Available in Phillipines?

  • Anonymous

If asus put 1080p 60 fps in stifle camera and put 8k 60fps in front camera

Best smart phone ever and please don't compare it with iPhone 13, and Samsung Galaxy what ever. I love this phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2021Gaming phone, good specs, BUT not even 400 ppi? I would rec... moremuch better than iphone 11's ppi which was pretty good

  • Anonymous

Gaming phone, good specs, BUT not even 400 ppi? I would recommend Sony Xperia 1 Mark III instead.

  • Robert

$2000 USD phone and no freaking 2k or 4k screen. Mediocre 24mp selfie camera. Buy a Galaxy S21 Ultra instead.

  • Philip

Is MEMC(Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) available on this device?

  • Anonymous

Excalibur, 13 Aug 2021Asus should've discontinued this after breaking easily.Did Apple abandon the iPhone 6 after the "bendgate" shenanigans?

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2021Because we, the consumer, wants to buy phones only to bend ... moreAsus should've discontinued this after breaking easily.

  • Anubarak

"Available. Released 2021, June 07"
If so - where can you buy it?

Ace, 06 Jun 2021So slowly you could bring the asus rog phone 5 ultimate int... morebcs cultured ppl buy this phone to use it, not to bend it :)