Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700

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  • Steve

8 Hours with the Infinity:

Well, after charging the Infinity for a whole 12 hours I put my hands on and here are the first impressions.

This is my first Android device, I am a Linux (Ubuntu) user in all my laptops (except the business laptop that has to be Windows because of some special software) and desktop and a Symbian user when it comes to mobiles. My immediate reaction to Android is that I see it as the future of OSs. While it is not the best thing when it comes to a combination of a "screen+mouse+keyboard", it is unbeatable when it comes to "touch screen" devices. I've used iphone a lot (I've spent with it 3 weeks on a trip to US when I've rented a phone) and Symbian of course and I've also tested the windows 8 in a laptop with a touch screen. IMHO nothing is equivalent to Android. The combination of usability, parametrization, user interface, openness, control over use and settings can not be found (again IMHO) in any other OS of a similar nature. And I'll stop here with Android to go to the Infinity. And I'll mention mostly the hardware issues since this is not a review of the Android ICS.

What I've liked from the hardware:

Actually I liked everything but some small things that I'll describe later. From my likes I want to highlight the following.

The screen is just amazing. Clear, crisp with impressive response. Fantastic viewing angles, extremely good brightness in daylight (and we are talking about the day light of Bangkok in a day with clear sky and 38 C), and perfect colour profile.

The design is by far the one that makes this pad special. The combination of a very thin chassis with the aluminium cover is just perfect. I do not like the plastic covers and the Infinity stands out from the competition. It looks and feels luxury and unique. Weight wise is just perfect also with less than 600 grams in your hands.

The standard USB port in the keyboard. Just perfect to synchronise content from external hard drives.

The docking station/keyboard is an excellent add on and I strongly suggest all that will by the Infinity to buy the keyboard also. I was able to adapt my typing in less than 10 minutes.

The battery gave me 8 straight hours of playing with minimum time on sleep. The 8 hours were including a mixed use (browsing, video, audio and radio, editing documents, installing applications etc.) with wifi always on and bluetooth always off . Given the manufacturer's disclaimer that the battery gives its full potential after 4-5 full charges then I assume that I'll easily go to the 9+ hours benchmark.

What I didn't like from the hardware:

The rubber cover of the USB port in the keyboard is not attached to the body and it is almost sure that it will be lost in a couple of weeks or months.

The feeling of the volume rocker is not very good. It is not very smooth.

The proprietary connector for the charger. I mean, all you guys that you do mobile devices, give us a break! Stop with the proprietary connectors and adopt a universal standard! In the case of the Infinity I am not complaining a lot because the pad needs to be connected to the docking station and there is a reason for a proprietary port.

When it comes to software I was extremely disappointed with the fact that the google voice navigation is not working in Thailand. This leaves the Nokia navigation by far the best navigation software out there. Regarding the google maps also, I was not able to get a location without an internet connection when I briefly tried (maybe for less than one minute) during driving (the Nokia maps without internet connection give me a location in less than 20 seconds).

Overall I suggest the Infinity without any reservation. It is definitely a device that I'll use a lot and for sure one piece of hardware that makes your life much easier and exciting! I still need to discover the Android world more but I am 99% sure that Android will become my favourite OS, and the Infinity the best hardware platform to experience this OS.

  • Steve

I just bought this beauty. FYI the price I found in Thailand for the 64GB, gold colour, with the keyboard is 22.900THB (approx. 745 USD). In case that you are visiting as tourism you can subtract 7% of this price via the VAT refund option.

I am charging it now following the advice of the retailer to charge it for 10 hours without using it. My hands are itching but I'll stay firm and wait because most of the forums say that it is better not to use it while it is in the first charge.

The package is amazing, it is probably the most beautiful tablet I've seen and I look forward to use it tomorrow morning. I'll post my experience here.

  • Really

AnonD-64860, 12 Oct 2012This is not a GSM device, it will not work on any GSM network wo... moreThis is a tablet without the capability of connecting to any cellular network. Have a look at the line-up, you will see that there is about six (6) different models of tablets in this series. Now go and compare all of these models and you will see that they all have different specs and capabilities.
This Pad in question is like a Kindle Fire, but a thousand times better. BUT, why didn't they design it to have a 3G or 4G LTE radio? If they did, this would probably be the ULTIMATE Pad on the market today. ASUS will make more money with a variety.

  • AnonD-64860

This is not a GSM device, it will not work on any GSM network worldwide
what does this mean

  • talal

This is not a GSM device, it will not work on any GSM network worldwide

  • prmdnidhi

AnonD-63644, 20 Jul 2012No Micro-USB Port?!!!!!no it dosnt have micro usb port

  • Anonymous

TICA, 28 Sep 2012So this Asus does not have a 3G connection, am I right?Yep ur right... but it does have a nVidia Tegra 3

  • TICA

So this Asus does not have a 3G connection, am I right?

  • Anonymous

I will say to get the infinity is way better... i just got mine last week.... the only thing i dont like right now is that some apps from play store are not comppatible with the tablet

  • mbfield

AnonD-12897, 09 Sep 2012Could anyone pls tell me the difference between Asus Transformer... morethe infinity has 1920x1200 resolution for one. browsing is not that slow and relates to the wifi connection. I got one when it came out and I love it. movies look beautiful on the new screen

  • Anonymous

AnonD-12897, 09 Sep 2012Could anyone pls tell me the difference between Asus Transformer... moreIts the same product.

  • AnonD-12897

Could anyone pls tell me the difference between Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 and Asus Transformer Prime TF700T. i will get one of these in the next month and i want to buy the better one. Thanks

  • alf

Web browsing is slow, limited

  • Jay

Get a grip guys who cares about the chipset etc it's awesome that's all we need to know !!!

  • sp

awesome i love this....

  • mcComBat

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2012Mr mccombat I guess u were unable to understand AliWell, He did say that "Arm is kind of high-tech micro-controller".
It's not.

  • android

AnonD-63644, 20 Jul 2012No Micro-USB Port?!!!!!There's a usb adapter you can buy.

  • AnonD-63644

No Micro-USB Port?!!!!!

  • Anonymous

No Micro-USB Port?!!

  • Anonymous

mcComBat, 30 Jun 2012Hey Ali_Sam, ARM is not a type of micro-controller, it's a proc... moreMr mccombat I guess u were unable to understand Ali