Asus unveils the ROG Ally, a handheld gaming console to rival Steam Deck

Ro, 04 April 2023

Just like that, Asus dropped the bomb and announced a brand new gaming console under the Republic of Gamers brand - ROG Ally. It's a handheld device running on Windows 11 and it's supposed to rival the Steam Deck.

Asus ROG Ally Asus ROG Ally
Asus ROG Ally

However, the Taiwanese company didn't reveal much details and released only a couple of pictures, a teaser video and a few specs. Asus says that the device is powered by a custom AMD APU chip, which can be coupled with a ROG X6 Mobile eGPU. The display has 1080p resolution and runs at 120Hz.

Given that the device runs on Windows 11, it's probably safe to assume that all cloud-based gaming services will work, including Steam and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The rest remains a mystery. In addition to the missing specs, we are yet to learn more about pricing and availability. You can only sign up for pre-order notification on Ally's landing page (source link below).



Reader comments

  • Dreddhk
  • 28 Apr 2023
  • 39x

Since it runs win11, it'll run android just fine as windows runs android now, and has for a while now

  • Anonymous
  • 25 Apr 2023
  • uvU

Android gaming is meaningless . 10 years of absolute domination over handheld and android has done absolutely nothing for gaming .aparently google only interested in snooping around our data . Why would they give a shite about gaming ?

  • Prodigy488
  • 08 Apr 2023
  • kEF

You can run android games in windows

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