Asus V80

Asus V80

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  • ramesh

nys and stylishn old mdl........................

  • Jays

how to remove handset lock code i forgot the code . .

  • connie

how to update v80 asus

  • Anonymous

My phone battery just expanded. Well I've been using this for more than 3 years so I guess it cannot be blamed.

-Good Battery Life
-Affordable price
-Stylish look and antifriction body

-Occasionally Freezes specially when access Combined
SMS inbox
-Buggy firmware like while texting on sms, no firmware update so far.

  • Glenn

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2009hello. im frm cebu. anyboby can help me where i can purchas... moreAsus V80 battery is available in Welcom

  • Anonymous

my problem is my v 80 asus handset lock code please help me thank you

  • nhica

Gem, 12 Feb 2011I have my cp asus V80 and the housing is broke i am living ... morei hav asus v80 but keypad was broke wer place can i buy in bulacan

  • lino

Gem, 12 Feb 2011I have my cp asus V80 and the housing is broke i am living ... moretry to go at kingcom,that is the authorized service center of asus

  • Gem

I have my cp asus V80 and the housing is broke i am living now in san pablo city laguna but i couldnt find the housing for replacement? is there available housing now for ASUS V80? if yes where i can find it to buy and how much? also the charger is not workng anymore so. i need to buy one..thanks

  • mohamed

i have a V80 ASUS mobile phone, i have a probleme withe the keypad it doen't work any more, am in morocco my phone number is 00212679754140.please help me.

  • otep

good day... i ask you where can i buy the batery of my asus v80? cause it it very fast to drain the batery. im here now in dubai. can you please help me....... cause i love my phoneasus v80.

thanks very much.


  • Anonymous

i had also ASUS V80 for almost 4 years, it also have problems occuring the incoming messages,but eventhough i really love its features especially the camera..but i cannot use it outside because the casing is totally unusable and the speaker was connected in the casing so i cannot use it with phone calls,please tell me where can i find it..

  • Anonymous

i am using my asus v80 for 3 years now.. my only problems are the casing and the bloated battery.. pls help me where can i buy a new battery and casing.. i really love this phone because of the speaker and the camera.. ^_^

  • Rich20

I had Asusv80 before. It was not easy to use especially in text messages. There were problems occurring when you reply on the incoming message. Another disadvantage using this phone, no "mark all/several." I had a hard time to copy/move one by one certain files. The scroll key is just so @#%$!
But the camera is good. hehe

  • dehlroe_mabolo

i've had my ASUS V80 for 3 yrs now.great fone and probably my longest serving.all the rumble and tumble of everyday use had taken its toll specially the most vulnerable-the casing.i would like to know if there is an available casing here in cebu,phils?how much is it?

  • LAD

eugene, 06 Oct 2007Hey guys do you know the code to type in the cellphone to c... moreMy network send me manual instruction on how to activate the MMS, still I cannot receive proper MMS Feature. pls help me...

  • Anonymous

try to change USB cable. Buy a new one. probably a problem in it since you said sometimes it connects and sometimes it does not.

  • Anonymous

hello. im frm cebu. anyboby can help me where i can purchase a battery for my v80 asus phone. since only wellcom store displayed an asus phone and now its almost obsolate and i can no longer find a store selling a battery for's my contact no. 09173996683. waiting for your help..thanks

  • fem

it's just a secret, 09 Sep 2009i have this phone i know a lot of it if you have some quest... moreits reading the memory..or maybe u clicked on "mass storage" after u plugged the usb in

  • it's just a secret

i have this phone i know a lot of it if you have some questions please post here =)

but i have 1 Q: Why do the phone turned off while i'm watching videos in it. when i plug into my computer via USB , it charged although it's battery is still full?