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Asus Zenfone 10

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  • Anonymous
  • vxL
  • 10 Jun 2024

Leanderman, 23 Feb 2024Awesome device with critical flaw. The Bluetooth connectiv... moreBluetooth functionality is flawless for me. Seems to be a problem with your headset. Maybe you should consider checking that headset before you claim that it is a problem with the phone.

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    • Erwin MR
    • xjH
    • 01 Jun 2024

    awm101, 31 May 2024After using it for 6 months, the battery is still good as n... moreFellow Xiaomi 11T Pro user here. 120 watt charge sure great, but battery degrate very fast. In only 3 years battery health at 70%. I sold it.

    Now use zenfone 10. Their customization to take care the battery is great. I use schedule ultra durable batery mode at 22.00 - 06.00. Use steady charging, skip it when i'm in hurry. Charging limit at 80%. Use durable mode most of the time. Can hold to 1,5 days.

    Other functions satify me. It's a great small phone.

      After using it for 6 months, the battery is still good as new. It will last for 36 hours with normal usage. My definition of "Normal" is using it for work and sometimes play games for short period of time.

      Either this is due to the power of TSMC's latest Manufacturing tech or the software from Asus is really good.

      My Xiaomi 11T Pro's battery (5000 mAh) with my definition of normal usage would die like 10 hours earlier. But that thing equipped with SD888 manufactured by Samsung.

      Also, I didn't even use its original charging cable and adapter. Not because I don't have them or lose them. I just happen to have a more efficient way to charge my phones with third-party adapter and cables. A way where I don't have to carry multiple adapters on the go.

      Wish people that loves small compact phone actually willing to invest in phones like this. Sure it's kinda overpriced when you're seeing it from the perspective of screen size but if that's your mindset, don't be surprised if Asus leave this very small portion of demographic. But oh wait, they already did.

        s24 with only 2mm wider you get extra 0.2inch large display with minimal bezels, this zenfone is good but bezels arent flagship level

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          • Alan
          • Sec
          • 27 May 2024

          Fella, 24 May 2024If this had longer software support, I'd absolutely bu... moreYou don't need long software updates,, to many mess up phone anyway,, you can buy it from T-Dimension for cheaper, i paid €583 for 256GB version, brilliant phone

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            • Fella
            • nmP
            • 24 May 2024

            If this had longer software support, I'd absolutely buy this one.
            Price has gone down slightly and even has a headphone jack, for convenience.
            But for such flagship price I'd expect the software support to be twice, what it is now.
            Asus basically crippled the sales of this one, with the bad software support. It's an important factor, for people now.

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              • Ocramavaf
              • nw0
              • 24 May 2024

              Just my opinion, 25 Apr 2024in this world full of 6.7' you are the only 5.9' ... moreEveryone says they love small flagships but nobody buys them

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                • Anonymous
                • Sec
                • 13 May 2024

                This phone has a lower speaker rating than xiaomi Redmi Note 10 pro, but i have both and the speakers and sound Quality is better on zenfone 10,it has a brilliant build in equaliser sound is a lot better than redmi Note 10 Pro

                  potato4k, 18 Feb 2024Yes. Most people here don't care about security updat... moreor they're 35 year olds who know how to be safe, and they don't click on useless clickbait links like "Earn money in 1 hour" or so...

                    in this world full of 6.7' you are the only 5.9' left. It's a shame the Zenfone lineup is no more.

                    Asus should have given this 5 OS updates since it is the last compact flagship phone of these times,

                      Anyanski, 21 Apr 2024Please where can I get this phone here in Nigeria with the ... moreIf its not available on Jumia, order it from AliExpress. It will come to you before two weeks time.

                        Kuba, 17 Apr 2024Praying to see Zenfone 11 with plastic back. I hate glass, ... morePlease where can I get this phone here in Nigeria with the Asus Zenbook 13oled laptop please anyone with a reliable responds 🙄

                          Does Zenfone 10 have touch sensitivity boost feature which would allow you to use it even with gloves fitted in your hand like the Samsung XCover series phones?

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                            • Kuba
                            • uN{
                            • 17 Apr 2024

                            Praying to see Zenfone 11 with plastic back. I hate glass, always broken and it's made fragile on purpose to push you towards upgrade.

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                              • Sxdd
                              • snU
                              • 15 Apr 2024

                              Will we be seeing the zenfone 11?
                              Hopefully even smaller phone.

                                This phone is headed towards being an antique. A very special phone indeed.

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                                  • ASUS guy
                                  • pJI
                                  • 12 Apr 2024


                                    Thanks Asus for creating the last best compact phone we probably will ever see and had. Goodbye in 3 to 4 years because this phone may already be obsolete at that point.

                                    My thumb still barely reach the other end of the phone despite the fact that it has 5.9" display.

                                    Would be funny if 7" display is the norm in the coming years. That ain't a phone, it's a literal tablet.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • p1g
                                      • 31 Mar 2024

                                      dxyuyu, 25 Mar 2024Give it 10× optical zoom and UHD 60fps with stabilizer for ... more10x telephoto in such a small phone?

                                        Give it 10× optical zoom and UHD 60fps with stabilizer for both rear and front camera

                                        And I'll be the first one to buy this sub 6" beast