Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL

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  • Anonymous

Rafi, 13 Jul 2020Using everyday since 2015, almost no problem and going stro... moreme too.. just replace the battery last month for the first time :)) ; just normal use tho.. only call and whatsapp

  • Aisyahbana

Use Custom ROM like Resurrection Remix or Lineage with Nougat (more stable) or Oreo (Buggy), then this Zenfone 2 Laser will rebirth smoothly.

  • Anonymous

Rafi, 13 Jul 2020Using everyday since 2015, almost no problem and going stro... moreMe 2.. Kudos to lollipop userz 2021 :D

Kenchi, 08 May 2020Why does it’s so lagYes, it is very laggy device.

I dropped my phone in toilet bowl last time,not then put into rice and it function again

I like this phone's camera(especially front haha)

I used for 2years then let my mom use for a bout 1 Year.

Lastly, my bro dropped it into toilet second time

Then it never wake up again

Rip but thank you for accompanying me

  • Rafi

Using everyday since 2015, almost no problem and going strong. Good job Asus (y)

  • Kenchi

Why does it’s so lag

  • Asususer

I m this phone user..very miss every moment since the first time of use..the phone are light compared to phone nowadays..

  • faiz

hi.. im this phone user

  • android tutorial

raj, 07 Jun 2017Is it volte or ltevolte

  • extercy

Just upgraded to Marshmallow on my ZE500KL and it looks good. No issues except for some heavy apps like Line and wechat need to reside in internal memory. I enable adoptable storage where my internal and microSD card were combined as one... so it works like App2SD. My microSD is a Kingston 64GB with 90MB/s Read and 80MB/s Write so if you buy a lesser microSD, your mileage will suck !
I factory reset, upgraded to Marshmallow via official firmware download since FOTA was not working, wipe cache and everything works well. It has been 3 weeks now with no issues.
Enabling Adoptable Storage is a bit more tedious but there are complete guides online. Because Asus did not enable Adoptable Storage by default, formatting the microSD card stops at 20% follow by a pop up error but there was no issues with usage. After the error, I exit and restarted my phone and the storage appeared. I can transfer files via USB to the storage with no issues. RAM usage is about the same.
Battery life is good and WiFi have no issues.
The biggest pain was my customization and data restoration were not seemless..not sure what happened but I have to restore them manually.
I should have done this earlier rather than believe all the hype that Marshmallow was problematic for my phone model.

  • anon bul

Camera is great but this is worst phone ever!!!

  • extercy

Looks like those with the 5" ZE500KL/KG are the only survivors for this model. The other sizes have well know SOC heating issues. So if you have other than the 5" ZE500KL/KG, there is no escape due to the SOC.

  • beqzmeh

have this for 3yrs now, omg, im so loyal, hello asus zenfone any loyalty award? hahaha

it served its purpose, i now need to get a new one. battery drains so fast, limited apps but cameta is superb!!!

  • Anonymous

within 6 months was like 6 month of headache though the phone is nice but gone now

  • Anonymous

user, 03 Aug 2018how to change back tu android 5.0.. android 6.0 make my phone lagNo way.

  • user

Prabal Pathak,Assam, 19 Sep 2017I'm using this ph. 1 Year 8 months, i'm happy to use asus z... morehow to change back tu android 5.0.. android 6.0 make my phone lag

  • zya

AnonD-730889, 15 Jan 2018Don't upgrade to Marshmallow. It has a bug such as proximit... morereally no wonder it keep lagging. use for 2 years already but the phone gone now. need to buy new phone

  • Manod

When I switch on mobile data or wifi after few seconds the phone overheating?Another problem is battery drain fast?Please help me.Thank you!
The phone's camera is super.I love this camera.

  • Anonymous

Using this phone almost 2 years, good phone by price.
But there are few bad things:
1. GPS is so unresponsive that there is no connection using maps apps (example: waze).
2. Can't remove or even disable facebook background service app (need to root to do that)
3. Need to disable all bloatware what comes to it if whant to use with less lags.
4. Not possible to get full 4G speed. (Using the same SIM in blackberry q10 or Motorola G5 4G is working with bigger speed)

But if not taking these things, it is some good daily phone by price.