Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL

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  • anthony
  • gqm
  • 21 Nov 2020

fone is slow to start up

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    • paradox
    • Dkw
    • 04 Nov 2019

    using this phone from the release still in works good, 4 years of use and just a battery change , Old but not obselete!!!!!!!!

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      • Anonymous
      • Fv4
      • 16 Jun 2019

      Anonymous, 18 May 2018Using from nov 2015 without any major problems. But after l... moreSame thing happened to my phone !

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        • Anonymous
        • D0d
        • 18 May 2018

        Using from nov 2015 without any major problems. But after last update touch screen acting weird. I think its time for an upgrade.

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          • 2nd time buyer
          • x40
          • 16 Apr 2018

          I bought this phone again for its camera. the rear camera is very crisp and takes really good pictures, while the front one opens up by default with a "beautifying" feature, that somehow retouches all wrinkles and facial blemishes automatically. Really useful for quick and great looking selfies. And yeah, the 3 Gb ram helps too.

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            • AnonD-742110
            • rRT
            • 03 Mar 2018

            I have mixed feelings about this phone.

            As far as the Camera goes, despite having the added laser autofocus, the photo quality was not as good as the rest of the Zenfone lineup. The images seemed too dark, with poor color saturation.

            Performance wise, it was above average for a phone in this price range, but for some reason it didn't like to play well with YouTube. Interestingly, the hotspot on it could stream YouTube seamlessly on two pc's simultaneously, and even lets us stream movies in both 720 and 1080 on our RoKu using a 4G LTE connection. In fact, the hotspot is so strong we have used it to game and have even LAN partied 4 PC's while maintaining 150-350ms pings across all 4 systems for hours without drop outs, making it more reliable then a lot of wireless routers out there.

            The biggest issue I have had with this phone and what makes it a TOTAL HEART BREAKING FAILURE is after using this phone for less then two years the battery started to expand and pushed the right edge of the touch screen out of the body of the phone, despite this it still works.

            I have contacted Asus support and will see if they can do anything to help me with it.
            They have asked me to start RMA process. I will post an update with my Asus Customer Experience later.

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              • Denis
              • qd}
              • 08 Sep 2017

              Anonymous, 08 Jul 2017ZE551KL does have a removeable battery.Yes, see text
              Battery Removable Li-Po 3000 mAh battery

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                • Sukhoi
                • Lke
                • 14 Jul 2017

                Anonymous, 14 Jun 2017Good day. I would like to ask if this ASUS Phone can wor... moreNo. The device allows 2G/3G/4G in one SIM card while allows only 2G in the other one.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • kmZ
                  • 08 Jul 2017

                  chrichri, 19 May 2017The battery is not removable, there are 16 screws that hold it.ZE551KL does have a removeable battery.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • vaM
                    • 28 Jun 2017

                    Anonymous, 14 Jun 2017Good day. I would like to ask if this ASUS Phone can wor... moreNo it will not

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Pu7
                      • 14 Jun 2017

                      Good day.

                      I would like to ask if this ASUS Phone can work with two SIM´s in different LTE bands at the same time?


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                        • chrichri
                        • pgT
                        • 19 May 2017

                        The battery is not removable, there are 16 screws that hold it.

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                          • viky
                          • 7w5
                          • 09 May 2017

                          Asus should intensify its phone marketing like motorola, honor , or agressive mkts by oppo /vivo . there built quality is bettering than sony /iphone , performance is at par with iphone / samsung . They have capability to get good market share . best phones in asking price.

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                            • Ahlam Mirza
                            • 3Yh
                            • 22 Mar 2017

                            It's WAS a good phone for the first year than it started having lot's of problems such and the battery drains fast, the phone lags ALOT plus when I was talking to my friend's they couldn't hear me from their phones b3cahse there was something wrong with it overall rating 4/10

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                              • Jgee
                              • Ta9
                              • 18 Mar 2017

                              Having been the owner Moto,Samsung,LG,Huawei, LP, Alcatel an a few other mfgs. Of all the phones my Asus Lazer Zen2 phone has been the easiest fastest most reliable phoneof all. I highly recommend this phone, in any phone comparison!!!

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                                • Anil kumar
                                • vwe
                                • 16 Jan 2017

                                asus zenfone 2 is best phone is bettery is best and nice look

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                                  • me
                                  • tZj
                                  • 30 Dec 2016

                                  Wonderwhore, 12 Nov 2016Where's good between zenfone 2 ze551kl and xiaomi redmi 4 p... moreRedmi 4 prime,better processor (sd 625) more storage/ram & larger battery

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                                    • TASADUQ
                                    • M1v
                                    • 28 Dec 2016

                                    I have used samsung s5 and this phone, found asus amazing..... Great job Asus

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • q{R
                                      • 26 Dec 2016

                                      taka, 17 Dec 2016is this with otg support? thanksyes

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                                        • taka
                                        • vxi
                                        • 17 Dec 2016

                                        is this with otg support? thanks