Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML

Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML

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I have using this phone about 3 yrs, and only 1 time i replacing the battery. Overall, this is a good phone. But i am not recommended for gaming because it's draining fast (MLBB/PUBG/Free Fire), only 3 hrs than you got 0%.

Compare to samsung A50 (i just bought it), zenfone 2 has better sound performance (speaker & headset).

No more issue for my Zenfone 2 ZE551ML.

  • brother

RossDorn, 21 Mar 2019Have this phone for a month now, and I like it very much but....... morezen ui laucher is a home launcher u cant delete it because your are using but most of the zen apps are useless i bet u can delete some of them i think

  • Dr S

I'm very happy with this phone. Browsing or streaming is flawless. I have been using it for almost 4yrs now, very easy to DIY in case of issues. I have replaced the screen 3 times, all by myself. I have replaced the speaker twice, the SIM card holder twice. All the parts are cheaply available on Aliexpress. The battery is still holding charge reasonably. My model is 4g ram 64gb rom. There's is slight overheating though. I have just ordered for zenfone max pro m2, just as a backup to my zenfone2 551ml. ASUS is great

  • tejas

Phone is hang over after 3 month.
my side this phone is bad feature.
i will never buy Asus Phone.

  • VLRC

So long to this awful phone!

My ASUS Zenfone 2 bricked after about 3 years out of nowhere, while on charge and after being restarted. It gave me issues after a week I bought it. Had to have it serviced after a week because the SIM slot apparently was messed up and was not recognizing the SIM card (the SIM card slot kept giving me issues anyway, every way too often the SIM card would displace itself inside the slot having to re-insert it, losing connectivity in moments where I needed to stay connected). The plus are the good interface, the easy possibility to work with firmware updates and the audio/screen features.

What is terrible? SIM slot that doesn't hold the card properly, Battery life that decreased veeeeery quickly, sometimes it froze for no reason, while on charge and activity you could basicaly grill a steak on the back from how hot it gets, the back battery shell is basically made of Play-Do.

I basically hoped for a long time to have a reason to change my phone, I finally had it. Apparently, this was a terrible model for ASUS as a lot of people had pretty much all the same issues as mine.

  • User

My experience with this phone is less than 6 months. I use this phone only on WiFi as a second phone for browsing and music. It has a very good and fast performance but it's main problem is battery life. Battery drain indeed fast because of the strong processor and heating. It's lollipop version which I could not update and my zenui didn't update at all. Generally it can be only a good phone for browsing as a phablet nothing more.

Have this phone for a month now, and I like it very much but....
What I do not like is the so-called support.... I have several questions about the installed software/bloatware and there is simply no way to get any answers to questions about that.
It takes a lot of time to get all the numbers they want and when I put them in, I am told it does not exist! I check again, type it in and again the same nonsense... the number is definately correct!
When I put ín: place of residence, its Tokyo right now, and what happens, the language changes to japanese! Does any of you speak japanese?. So why should I?

Is there a place other than ASUS where I can get Info about the phone?
THere is ASUS Cover, ASUSServices, ASUS Support,ASUS System webview, ASUS Zen UI, ASUS Zen UI Sevices, ZEN Choice, ZEN Circle

a.s.o. a.s.o.

Where can I find info what that all is, and why I should keep it?

I have disabled notifications, why do I still get constant notifications that I should update Google Play? and Google Store?

What is Zen Choie, what do I need it for?
What is then ZenUI launcher? Do I need it? Can I delete it?

Thanks, give me a hint WHERE to ask, so I actually get an answer to the question I am asking....


  • Headrat1

Had this phone since it was first available in a 64GB version. I droped it in water and the system board was replaced. That was over three years ago and it has been a good phone for the price and the features. It does have some heating problems and occasionally the screen freezes but can be unfrozen just by pressing the power button off and on. The glass is still scratch free and it charges with a quick charger in an hour. Would like to have had a removable battery but it has provided lots of functionality for a low cost. Perfect pictures every time. I put a 64GB memory card and can watch movies, mp3 files and the sound/video are both incredible! Quite happy this phone has lasted for nearly 4 years!

  • john

massive thermal issues, phone has burnt plastic smells when under heavy load.


Fadli, 05 Feb 2019I still use this phone. The screen is cracked but impressively i... moreroot it to lineage OS :) android 7

  • Asus

The worst investment I had. After 18 months of normal usage everything slowed down, upon recharging for a few minutes it freezes, can’t do anything with it. At the end it pissed me off so much that I break it into two pieces with my hands. Asus and mobile phones do not work! Never again.

  • Fadli

I still use this phone. The screen is cracked but impressively it's so smooth even though it's 2 years old since i bought this. But sadly it's stuck in Marshmallow.

  • Kenny

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2019i had bought the phone somewhere around the beginning of 2016, t... moreI still have this phone. The battery is starting to fail. Overall it was a great phone. I'll get another Asus to replace it.

  • Anonymous

i had bought the phone somewhere around the beginning of 2016, the only real problem i've encountered (even though my screen cracked within 7 months of usage) was the heating up from high stress activity. The phone did well in its intended purpouse for a good chunk of 2 years but the last 3 months of 2018 made the phone virtually inusable, as the screen stopped responding to image change (except for greater gradients of white forcing the loading of a section directly under them;), bottom to the top, section by section giving out a negative image of the last properly loaded visual or just plain black spot; making the typing and breaking of alarms impossible if not for muscle memory. 7/10 - my temporary xperia E3 outlasted it.

  • Nicky

messenger from Facebook is not working anymore for this Phone :(

  • Anonymous

balaji, 04 Apr 2015asus is a good company.....Not bi good company

  • thea

please help how to fix the main speaker of my phone

napalm, 20 Oct 2018My wife & I each have the 2.3GHz intel & 4GB memory.. al... moreI have mine set to double tap the screen. You just double tap to wake it up, and double tap to lock it. Much easier than using the power button.

ghoti, 12 Nov 2018Not a bad phone. I really liked that it includes a memory card s... moreThis is my experience also. Really loved this phone at first. But the GPS has become a real problem, and I am just over a year of use. If it struggles to get GPS or Cell signal for too long, that triggers the reboots. On my commute to work and back there are two spots where the signal drops for long enough to trigger the reboot. The only way to stop those is to put it in airplane mode while travelling.

It served me well and was very cheap, but had the phone not had all these issues making it deteriorate I would have still kept it in stead of upgrading. It handled games well and everything. But then at some point it developed what look like burns on the right side of the LCD, I assume from the aerial inside. That happened at about 6 months of use, then eventually after another 6 months there are these burn marks on the left side too. Like a straight yellow line on the LCD on each side.

The performance of the phone still seems to be the same as when it was new. But these little deteriorations. The battery is nothing what it used to be. It can drain from 100% to 20% in an hour of use. Then about a month ago, I guess the sim card reader is also mailfunctioning. As it is sitting on my desk right now, every ten minutes, without any use, suddenly it says no sim card in phone. Then it goes away as it finds the sim card again.

If you need a decently powered cellphone for a very short time, like in between contracts or something, it could work. As a powerful but temporary phone. But for anything long term, looking at the comments it seems like this phone just doesn't have any endurance.

  • ghoti

Not a bad phone. I really liked that it includes a memory card slot and dual SIM. But after a hear of use, it started to intermittently drop GPS, so while Location was turned on, it had no idea where it was. Then it dropped GPS entirely and started randomly rebooting ... and battery life has dropped tremendously, and this unit has a non-removable battery (unless you're very adventurous). Given that it's stuck at Android 6, and support has been dropped in LineageOS, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. This has turned into a lemon.