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Asus Zenfone 2E

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have used lg, samsung, alcatel, umx, motorola and never have i been so frustrated as i am now with the asus zen 2e phone! it quits working sporadically — emergency calls only. Someone tell me why?????? Phone is unlocked; using one sim card,have plenty of minutes, it will work fine for months even, and then no cell network for days. It has proven to be quite unreliable.

  • ATT Zenfone settings

AnonD-735787, 07 Feb 2018I have my ASUS and it works great, but I cannot receive or ... moreall depends on your carrier, but you might use WAP settings for MMS to solve this problem.

  • AnonD-735787

I have my ASUS and it works great, but I cannot receive or view pics sent from another smart phone. Does anyone know what is the problem?

  • kelvin

if my asus zenfone 2e lost imei and basband how to solve it

  • AnonD-667904

i have had this phone for about 2-3 days and i already love it it is so fast and it works great

  • Shayna

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2016I unlocked the phone, and I can make calls and receive call... moreI unlocked my phone and am currently using it on T-MOBILE network. I took my codes to a T-MOBILE store and had them set-up my phone for me-- I didn't want to mess it up. It works great. There was a snag though. My previous phone's T-MOBILE SIM card was too big. I had to get a new one. Originally, he was going to charge me $20 for a smaller SIM!! I ended up getting it free. I saw a package at 7*11 that included a SIM card and a monthly data plan. It seems the SIM only cost $3-4. FYI

  • Shayna

Pollo, 22 Aug 2016I have this phone but i cant use it with other carrier, ive... moreI was able to get my phone unlocked. I had to wait several days. I then took it to T-MOBILE where i had been getting my service for a couple of years.

  • AnonD-640152

I replaced my Alcatel pop4 which wasn't all that bad for the price,my zenfone 2e has served me right so far.
No where near the Samsung galaxy s4 territory but I would definitely recommend people :-)

  • Kenneth

To my phone it comes out that nothing else has 3.33 gigas of internal memory and in fact has to have 8 gigas, it leaves total space 3.33 / 8 gigas
What I can do?

  • kev s

Not really bat but it isn't compatible with mobile hot spot. Sometimes it becomes very hot or crashes

  • Gigi

I'm so upset about this phone abd have been since the first day, so unhappy with it I want to drop at&t abd go to Sprint. This phone had been so pain in my ass. The preloaded apps takes up half the storage which I'm NOT happy about... the camera in mine sucks. My fiancee purchased the same phone at the same price and his operates different. Although his camera is better, I've seen better in cheaper phones... my data... my data seemed to disappear in less than two weeks. I'm using it that same way I always did with other services abd other phones.... giving me to purchase more data.+=^-=:}!!!#++++!!! Then I see all these shots running that I dont use, eating up my data. I'm not on any level happy with this phone our this service due to this phone. I sometimes just want to smash it. I'm looking FOR something better.

  • Therese

Looking for some instructions for my phone. How do I set up a password to.lock it?

  • Anonymous

My hotspot is not working😩

  • Anonymous

jasonsplanet, 08 Sep 2016AT&T sent me this phone for free as well. I do like it,... moreI purchased this one not working well no resale.

  • AnonD-585416

It's free, that's the way that I feel about it and this is my final word on the matter.

  • jasonsplanet

AT&T sent me this phone for free as well. I do like it, but I don't. It always crashes gmail, everyday all day. Can't play games with good graphics. Other than that, for free I can't complain. I could always spend a minimum of $700.00 on the iphone 7........I do want one! 8)

  • Anonymous

AT&T offered it free to me so I'm not complain.

  • JDi

I have this phone, and its incredibly laggy, slow, and crashes constantly and its such a pain and it's not even filled up with too much. It's just naturally laggy and slow.

  • Pollo

I have this phone but i cant use it with other carrier, ive sent my request to at&t services, and they toll me that thru the guideline theres no way that they unlock the phone!!!

  • a_chanz

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2016I unlocked the phone but I can't use my data with a sim tha... moreFor the normal at&t apn settings, or also called at&t wap settings, these are the values you should use

Name: ATT
APN: wap.cingular
Password: cingular1
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Authentication type:
APN type: default,supl,mms
APN Protocol: Leave it to the Default one