Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC520TL

Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC520TL

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  • lethe

Been using for 3 years now.
It started out okay but with each patch and update got progressively worse.
Its very slow in anything 3d, google maps or even slightly taxing cpu workload.
Once gpu heats up speakers start to sound like garbage until you let it cool off. (been this way since i got it)
It even has problems running zenui properly.
Its still holding value as a "phone" with amazing battery life but not as much as a "smartphone".

I wish i could downgrade back to release version but asus doesn't let users.
My warning is, research asus products before you buy and never buy on release year. I think I'd rather be trying a brand I've never tried before than asus for my next phone and one with as pure android version as possible without any proprietary launchers

This phone is really not worth it.the camera was absolute was not suitable for gaming.I just use it for discord and watching youtube, That's all.just dont buy it!

  • Anonymous

It has a GPS with excellent performance

  • babs

I had my asus phone for nearly 2 years when it shut down on me . I didn't have any problems except it heats up fast. Battery life is awesome. Camera too. But it crashed on me. Not really sure why but I don't think I'd recommend getting another one.

  • Saravanan

Good fon for gaming those days. And now I'm just use it like normal with out games. Sometimes its hang but once restart will be ok. Internal memory less space after download fon apps only, very limited space. But screen display really super till now. But battery even 4130 mAh, yes those days stand for 16 hours. But 12 hours only, with 60% of use. But it's really super fon. And I'm still use it. Successfully completed 3 years with Asus . Tq very much. Sayonara

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone and i am very disappointed heats up drain battery quickly, touch screen does not respond quick .

  • secrecy

Bought this at 2016. Still using after 3 years and have to say, this phone is one of the worst phones Asus has made. The phone, despite being a quad-core, heats up, and not in a good way. The edges and screen are very fragile, one 5 ft. fall can cause you 100$ in repair. The connectivity is bad, always disconnecting or having slow connections (most of the time). The speaker is weak. I do not recommend anyone buying this phone. Ever.

  • buster

Bought mine in 2016, still using it in 2019. Very reliable phone if you take care of it.

idk why but im very fond of this smartphone, i have used it for 7 onths and it was ok, bit laggy becouse of the cpu but the phone is good.

  • Rhodie

One of the worse Asus phone ever produced. The Mediatek MT6735 is very rubbish. Screen response is slow and Instagram Story is lagging

  • Tunisia

Great Phone

  • none

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2018had this phone for 2 yrs now and still using it. heres my honest... morelag on any graphics mobile legends

  • Anonymous

78USD now

  • goat fone

fone for goats

  • Zhan

Arumugaselvan, 05 Dec 2018If android 8.1 update?Head over to this site to download the firmware and manually update..make sure to check ur SKU first and download the correct patch..­/HelpDesk_BIOS/

  • Anonymous

My phone had a problem about android failed what can i do

  • Chain

after 2 years, my phone doesn't support SD card...anyone know how to solve it?

  • sapiq95

this fone always ''HANG''!! dont buy this brand.

  • Zhan

Almost 3 years with this phone...dont you ever buy this phone... piece of crap

  • hb

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2019Can't detect SD card. I don't like its camera. i hate the camera acctuially