Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC553KL

Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC553KL

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  • Anonymous
  • txE
  • 18 Jul 2023

My Zenfome 3 Laser and 3 Max still works verywell until now

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    • Raizen
    • I@H
    • 15 Jun 2023

    Hi. My zenfon 3 max is perfectly working up to now. But i have a little problem here. Hope anyone can help me. My phone lcd is already have crack. May i use tge lcd of asus zenfone 4 to replace it to my zenfon 3 max? Since they are of the same size. Anyone help me please. Thanks.

      • K
      • Kak Syam
      • fFC
      • 05 May 2023

      I still got this handphone, and still using it until today the day I write this comment. Its still functioning well.

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        • Anonymous
        • I@H
        • 08 Dec 2022

        I got this phone year 2017 and until today dec2022 it works well..

          • R
          • Ran
          • t7W
          • 28 Sep 2022

          I have this phone for 6 years until I throw it in the wall because I'm drunk and had an argument with my wife. Thanks Asus for years of service.

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            • ANNE
            • KiT
            • 27 Jun 2022

            I bought this phone in January 2017 and it works till now (June 27th 2022). We can not compare this smartphone with today's phones and we all know the reasons. In my case, I don't use phone much, so I don't have issue to keep this gadget works all good its way. My experience:
            - Camera was quite fine till 2 years it started blur full of ants you can say.
            - You may feel iron in your palms during use this phone. It's trully hot.
            - Power and volume button are now sinking (all of sudden after 5 years using) but still work, I just need extra deeper push.
            - Battery performa decreased, fast charging and the power gone fast (happened since 2021, 5 years using)

            The rest is fine according to its class.
            I'll keep using this gadget till its very last day.

              this phone was great up to 5 years till i dipped it into water
              camera start blurry, mic seldom working, data network lost connection..
              yet everything else working just fine including battery

                • M
                • Masoud
                • pTf
                • 07 Mar 2022

                Type of battery of this phone is Li-Polymer not Li-Ion that mentioned above.

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                  • Olonitus Fransiskus
                  • wrH
                  • 20 Nov 2021

                  I bought this phone around November 2017, and I still use it today. I think this phone isn't that good if you compared with todays phone, but personally I really like this phone because it lasts for me until today. When the first time I bought it the battery is really good it lasts for 2 - 4 days depend how you use it (once I make a experiment, and it lasts for 6 days) I'm not lying it really good, the camera is good too, I'm not saying is the best but enough. Today, I only have a few problems with this phone one is the memory is almost full, and second is the accessories are really hard to find, especially those that original.

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                    • Morteza
                    • a39
                    • 19 Nov 2021

                    I have this phone for about 4 years, it's still working well but there are some issues in battery and touch screen.
                    It was a great phone and now it's time to change :)

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                      • Hayme
                      • t7L
                      • 29 Sep 2021

                      Im using this fone for 4 years now. Still performing well. There's a battery issue but its a minor thing. It really depends on how you care for your fone.

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                        • koicjya
                        • X%p
                        • 02 Aug 2021

                        i bought this phone in 2017, and still use it until now. The battery doesn't last that long after many uses compared to the first 2 year of usage, but the case of this phone is very durable and lasting. Once i accidentally drop it from like 2 -3 block of stairs and the screen didn't crack or the case crumble away. I was impressed and to not damage it further from accidental slips, i bought it an expensive rock hard case lol.
                        But, the speaker especially when you pick up a call is just bad. My friends always said that my voice from the phone cannot be heard. i cannot just put my ear to my phone to pick up a call, but i have to put my mouth next to the speaker to be heard.

                          • s
                          • shine
                          • vaS
                          • 21 Jun 2021

                          Hot garbage. Was good for maybe a year or so, then the battery became horrible and the phone cannot really handle apps like tiktok well. Got a new phone and threw this one in the trash

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                            • MoodyMousse
                            • vjs
                            • 12 May 2021

                            Has this for 3 years plus. Good phone for the price and always like the interface usage as well as the camera which provides many years of good pictures and where one can touch anywhere on the screen to take a picture instead of the normal touch button.
                            Apps provided by ASUS are useful and handy.
                            Only set back is after those faithful years, the battery is dying, perhaps as expected like other phone.
                            At least it's not like my Sony Play, screen blackout and died exactly 2 years, as well the older Samsungs saying bye bye on their own.

                              • b
                              • bixlerhking
                              • IV5
                              • 08 May 2021

                              the most reliable phone ever. 6 yrs of Pokemon and ehailing (uber) and still original battery. few issue like touch light wouldn't stay on and asking for password instead of fingerprint while driving.

                                • L
                                • LittleMissHelper
                                • UD$
                                • 15 Mar 2021

                                I have this phone for 4 years it's the best phone I've ever had, the battery is my only issue it drains so fast that you'll be force to use it while charging.. my best advice is not to update the phone.

                                  • K
                                  • Kevin
                                  • gNR
                                  • 05 Jan 2021

                                  MIng, 24 Jul 2017Hey, does the Nougat update really have some issues? I want... morePlz dnt update to nougat ..

                                    • E
                                    • Enrico
                                    • BM}
                                    • 12 Dec 2020

                                    Good specifics but gps doesn't work properly. Internet data and signal receiver is poor. Also fingerprint reader sometimes fail

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • vxg
                                      • 08 Dec 2020

                                      The performance of the phone is good but the battery is sucks

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                                        • Teo
                                        • nDE
                                        • 01 Dec 2020

                                        I have had this phone for four and a half years and it is still working well. the battery doesn't hold them as it did in the beginning, but otherwise no problem appeared. I'm thinking of replacing it with a zenfone, 7pro