Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL

Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL

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  • Ix9
  • 20 Jun 2022

its been my best phone, its missing a few lte bands and no volte so the imei number gets blocked.:( i will use it when i travel :)

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    • 0Pf
    • 06 May 2022

    Anonymous, 16 Feb 2022I bought my Asus ZenFone 3 ze520kl (z017da) in 2017. It wor... moreYeah, me too I've received the same message from my mobile ISP but it's bullcrap, no worry, the Zenfone 3 can connect in 4G LTE no problem, I have always used it

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      • I0H
      • 16 Feb 2022

      I bought my Asus ZenFone 3 ze520kl (z017da) in 2017. It works fine so far. I received a notice from my cell phone carrier T-Mobile that they are going to retire their 3G UMTS network and informed me I need to upgrade or replace my smart phone by 7/1.
      I am confused because I thought this phone is with 4G technology. Does anyone has similar experience?

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        • Sony fan
        • Hkr
        • 14 Jan 2022

        Nana, 28 Dec 2021Been using this for 5 years. It was smooth, barely any lag ... moreSame is just amazing. Over 5 years and still back camera got damaged with some water splashing on my mobile, else everything working so fine..incredible work Asus and Snapdragon!!!

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          • mAU
          • 05 Jan 2022

          I got this phone from someone. It is very cracked but it still is very functional. model: Asus z017d android 8.0 , 4gb ram and 64gb space.

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            • Nana
            • xh3
            • 28 Dec 2021

            Been using this for 5 years. It was smooth, barely any lag except after clearing large data cache. Storage is a bit small since I used dual sim, no additional data but overall satisfied with this phone for daily use.
            After so many fall incidents, screen cracked, black spot widen, screen flickered after awhile, and unable to detect earphone. The last one is my limit. Else, I probably will use this longer.

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              • HPB2
              • Li}
              • 28 Nov 2021

              Enough memory! But SOMEWHAT a complaint. Horrible fingerprint scanner. It's not wide enough. If Asus used the regular circle fingerprint scanner, this phone would be amazing.

              In white, it's pretty cute.

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                • Li}
                • 28 Nov 2021

                Gabriel, 21 Mar 2021I want to update my asus zenfone 3 to 8.0 but can't up... moreForget about it. Asus probably won't.

                  April 2021, because my primary phone is on service so i bought this type from my local store. it still brand new in box / new old stock. with price now just around 76$. lucky me right?

                  i remember back then when zenfone 3 family launched, the price is around 310$ or higher, i don't have that much money at the time. so yeah i'm late almost 5 years to own this phone.. lmfao

                  so after testing it for one week, i definitely can say this phone still hold it's own for daily uses like browsing internet or watching youtube. avoid heavy games like pubgm of course.

                  battery can still hold around 12 hours if you are light user. overall this one still very capable for backup or secondary phone in 2021.

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                    • Haunter
                    • 0T3
                    • 12 Apr 2021

                    I have had this phone for over 3 years. The only bug I have is that the sd card reconnects when it is really cold in the room. Otherwise, mine works perfectly and I absolutely adore it. Battery lasts for 3 days while being on wifi the entire time.

                    The only downside I see is kind of depending on where you live. If you live in middle of nowhere like I do then it is almost impossible to get parts for it if something breaks.
                    10/10 would make the same choice again.

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                      • Nessuno7
                      • m2A
                      • 09 Apr 2021

                      Frazao, 07 Apr 2021I'll replace mine soon after 4 years of life. It'... moreYes mine too, I have the same problems but mine is gonne 15/20%

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                        • Frazao
                        • P4c
                        • 07 Apr 2021

                        I'll replace mine soon after 4 years of life. It's still running perfectly smooth for all I need, but battery life is gone now. Sucks up energy fast and dies off around 35/40%.

                        The MAJOR problem is the famous camera autofocus bug, it's unnaceptable and have been going on for some 2 years. Also have awfully cracked screen although it does not affect so much.

                        Anyone else?

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                          • brotherwho
                          • m2q
                          • 26 Mar 2021

                          My zenfone 3 is crushing every few minutes. Really frustrating! Any ideas what can be done

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                            • Gabriel
                            • I@H
                            • 21 Mar 2021

                            I want to update my asus zenfone 3 to 8.0 but can't update manully and auto

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                              • Gab
                              • I@H
                              • 21 Mar 2021

                              I can't update my asus zenfone 3 ze520kl every click check update and saying checking... Always disappears im still in android 7

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                                • Gab
                                • I@H
                                • 21 Mar 2021

                                Mas123, 26 Jun 2018After oreo update my radio app is missing . How can i get i... moreTry check on play store

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                                  • Anak agung
                                  • 61@
                                  • 09 Jan 2021

                                  greator, 10 Dec 2020After 3 years, rear camera focus stop working. Swap it to a... moreYeah that's true, rear camera problem and lagging after a few years

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                                    • Ovd
                                    • YRf
                                    • 29 Dec 2020

                                    saea, 11 Apr 2020Yes, before its camera lost its ability to focus ... now it... moreMine is over 4 years old now, everything works as smooth as day one. As it aged now the battery life is shorter, that's the only issue.

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                                      • greator
                                      • IV5
                                      • 10 Dec 2020

                                      After 3 years, rear camera focus stop working. Swap it to a new camera still doesn't work. And Josef's trick also doesn't work. Haven't try firmware reset or changing rom yet, i hope i wont have to do the later.

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                                        • 7k6
                                        • 17 Jun 2020

                                        Josef, 10 May 2020Read my post about fixing the rear camera. It actually works!Where's the post?