Asus Zenfone 4 (2014)

Asus Zenfone 4 (2014)

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  • Anonymous

the worst thing about this phone is battery backup.if u keep ur phone idle for a night then ur battery drains about 20%.its terrible then think how much battrry drains while doing any task.and its screen is also not so good.

  • babin

on it first drop broken its screen, no display, service centre suggest may be chipset is broken due that no display.

  • david

erobiL, 26 Apr 2015Since I was an impulse buyer, I bought the phone late laat year ... moreEven I too had this hot spot problem, only way to use without trouble is make it open for all don't use password to protect your WiFi hotspot that's what I did, kids who say this is the best all are don't know to use android or this may be their first mobile total buggy mobile in everything camera, battery, calls, even in WiFi hotspot and WiFi total waste of money if you buy this one no use

  • david

vicky galepuriya, 26 Apr 2015dont go for the neagtive comments, it is the best rough and toug... moreHow can a rough nd tough mobile break in 10 th drop? you are lucky mine broken in first drop, don't say it's a rough and tough

  • erobiL

Since I was an impulse buyer, I bought the phone late laat year since I fell in lovw in its GUI that os slightly different from gwneric android gui. However as I use it, I noticed that the battery drains WAY TOO FAST even when its on super saving mode. Doesn't even last half a day for moderate use. Plus the wifi hotspot is buggy. My other device cannot connect because the hotspot resets on a regular interval. It was then that I found out that this is a known ASUS bug...and whats worst is that ASUS seemed to blocked the pages/forums in zentalk that discusses the hotspot failure. Such a waste of money.

  • varshan

Dont buy this is too is connecting to internet.only if we use wifi only it is connecting.

  • vicky galepuriya

dont go for the neagtive comments, it is the best rough and tough hand set i hav ever used. i dropped the phone about 10 times, its screen has been cracked and fully smashed at one side corner but still does not creat any problem in touch,display features,and resolutions. but its battery dains very quickly beacuse i keep my data in on condition always

  • UcntCme

Domt waste your time and money on this mobile total waste no battery back up discharge fast even when phone is idle I stopped all BG apps still draining no results and calls are dropping even though im in good network region waste of money now im thinking I should have brought lenovo A6000 5' display better graphic processor, and has 4g too dont waste your time and money in buying zenfone 4

  • asus zenfone user

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2015When will Asus ZenFone 4 get Android Lollipop update ?Never

  • footballer

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2015my phone can going to 20 hr backup batteryYour the only one here saying battery is really awesome going and battery back up is 20hrs clearly shows your paid reviewer, all of us suffering by this stupid battery which dont even goes 5 hours how can you get 20 hours battery ( I guess your mobile is always switched off) worst mobile in the whole world when I complained about battery problem to Asus via mail I got reply 'Hello sir buy a charging bank to solve this problem ' worst ever mobile of 21st century you will spend all your life in charging and in 4 months your battery will be dead and you have to pay to replace it totally waste mobile battery back up is just 5 hours 20 hours God dont even think about zenfone 4 battery back up is just 5 hours

  • arun

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2015internet setting required for internet access which is called as... moreYes this mobile phone not connected for interent default Apn settings so change your using operatore wise my operator is Vodafone so VF Apn is small www
airtel is airtelgprs and aircel is aircel interent

  • arun

Manisha Jadhav, 24 Apr 2015Very bad mobile , becouse up i am purches this mobile for Fil ca... moreIam also feel that

  • Manisha Jadhav

Very bad mobile , becouse up i am purches this mobile for Fil card than 2 days but mobile is Working not properly so i am calling Fifcard but not Service proper in Filfcard you no i am loss this purches in mobile and not Repalcing in company Mobile.

  • Anonymous

just the battery.. hopefully there is an alternative pack for the battery.. but other than that.. i'm very satisfied...

  • Anonymous

NETHU, 21 Apr 2015Don't buy this mobile poor poor poor poor poor poor battery back... moremy phone can going to 20 hr backup battery

  • bikas

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2015I bought my Zenfone4, 4 days ago and yes the battery is very poo... moreVery poor btry..dn't buy it...

  • Anonymous

I bought my Zenfone4, 4 days ago and yes the battery is very poor unlike other phones will last in a couple of days. One more thing the screen is very fragile it can easily cracked.
and now I have to pay $50 for the screen replacement. I am so disappointed!


Don't buy this mobile poor poor poor poor poor poor battery back, will drain 2 % in 5 mins when you listen music 50 minutes listening to music will get your battery to 20%, gaming never ever think about tat in this mobile heat like hell some time it feels like I can cook omle5 on mobile screen very low call volume and ringer volume totally waste of of money buy something good

  • gurulkb

asus zenfone mobile battery back not satification , 3 houres totally charge down, so what doing. battery life waste

  • saviour

Don't believe positive comments they all paid things stand by 8 hours that's the biggest lie maximum stand by time is 3 to 4 hours that too when phone is idle this the worst phone of this era don't buy this ALL GOOD REVIEWS ARE PAID REVIEWS, im one of those who facing sever issues call drop, 3 hours battery back up, worst volume phone rings in my top pocket still i cant hear it, can't play any games hangs a lot final thing worst ever service by Asus