Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro ZD552KL

Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro ZD552KL

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  • Anonymous

still no Oreo update. only got security patches, and updates with 'performance fixes' that i barely felt. what a joke.

got the phone way back early 2018. amazed by it's amoled display. but weeks after usage the display doesn't show good plain monochromatic colors like it show pixels that are way off color (a bit noisy, very much visible in app UIs like messaging and music player, etc). although this effect isnt much visible when viewing pictures or videos that are 'colorful'. it's just pissing me off when the material skin of apps are not smooth, and i have to lower the screen brightness so that i can barely see the problem. maybe my unit is just crappy.

the phone didn't heat that much when i use it (only when i played for a longer time, that is very much understandable for a phone to heat up in heavy usage).

camera is 'okay'. atleast it got EIS.
i'll be rooting this phone sooner because i don't expect any more update for this device. just bought a new Galaxy A70 as my main phone. very happy with it, and i expect more updates with features.

  • Vonarian

Jaldabaoth, 18 Apr 2018MANY BUGS!!! 1. In AIDA/64 - only Light Sensor and Proxi... moreI've to answer the 5th.
Camera resolution isn't as important as sensor and lens specs.
The main camera is a F/2.2 sensor with unknown pixel size (make sure it's lower than 1.1micron)!
So the megapixel and resolution are not very important.

  • KFG

The charging port of the unit easily damage and the reason of the unit overheating...

  • Anonnnnn

I have this phone for six months and i noticed that it is easy to heat up until recently it overheated I brought it to the asus center for the lcd to be replaced but the problem was not fixed it is easily heat up, i think that is manufacturers fault for the hardware design

  • krish

heathig problem tell me sir mobile

  • Joenard

georgian, 21 Jan 2018my asus selfie pro, is not working( full charged), screen b... moreSame with mine, do you still have the issue?? what did you do?

  • AnonD-751698

Grim, 06 Oct 2017I recently bought ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro (ZD552KL) for $380, ... moreHi Grim,

You will need to visit the service center and get the device checked.

  • AnonD-751698

AnonD-728227, 03 Jan 2018How about NFC?Hi Klyf,

NFC is not supported.

  • Jaldabaoth


1. In AIDA/64 - only Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor are working
2. Home Button NOT working
3. Fingerprint NOT working
4. Camera takes 6-7 seconds to open or switch between front/back
5. Rear Camera is 16MP but takes poor shots especially in low lights

I hope they release a patch for these issues or they have to change their developer team.

  • Min20

georgian, 21 Jan 2018my asus selfie pro, is not working( full charged), screen b... moreMine too. What did you do? Is it fixed already?

  • AnonD-704909

I have use this phone for 4 months to support my daily working (messenger, email, browser, photo) and its all working good.

i dislike its hybrid sim slot which makes me cannot have 2 sim card & memory card in the same time T__T

  • Anonymous

AnonD-734561, 01 Feb 2018i have to disagree if your referring to phone Asus dont hav... moreWell they mainly are PC/Laptop manufacturer since the beginning so there's no question with that....

On the mobile department though, hmmmm.....

  • AnonD-734561

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2017Anything but Asus, if you buy Asus, you will be wasting you... morei have to disagree if your referring to phone Asus dont have it yet, but Laptop they are the best i own Asus gaming laptop, im using for 5 years already still in good condition

  • Anonymous

How many phones around the same price you get with 24Mp camera, 2.2 processor, 64gb capacity and 4gb memory? The most known brand, sells it 3 times more expensive!!!! I agree the battery is just ok, but you can´t get a 100% perfect phone!

I have one, of course, and i recommend it

  • AnonD-732552

georgian, 21 Jan 2018my asus selfie pro, is not working( full charged), screen b... moreMine's too, I had sended him to warranty, it remains with the black screen and with white stripes vertically and heating up a lot, sad

  • AnonD-732552

i had him for a 4 months

  • georgian

my asus selfie pro, is not working( full charged), screen black out, I cannot open it, when I try to open it there is line of light appears on the upper screen and my phone getting hotter.
I am using it for just 6 months... disappointed

  • Anonymous

Does it support aptX or LDAC?

AnonD-728227, 03 Jan 2018How about NFC?ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro doesn't have NFC.

  • AnonD-728227

How about NFC?