Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie ZD553KL

Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie ZD553KL

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  • Anonymous

Why? Because it got a 720p display, the performance is sluggish and it can't shoot 1080P 60FPS video (The Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro can shoot 1080P 60FPS and slow motion and this can't). It you want a budget phone, get the LG G6. It cheaper, it got a 1440p display, it can update to Pie, it can shoot to 4K and 1080P 60FPS. The only reason I bought this phone is because of the flash on the front and it can update to Oreo.

  • Anonymous

Please can I order for the Screen of this phone

  • Kay

RaistAMG, 23 Nov 2018It is so slow I almost don't believe or have 4 core 2gb ram... moreAre you using China set or Global set? Usually China set is problematic on all phone brands as it's supposed intended for China market. I faced lots of issues when using China set phones as China set contains full of bloatwares. It is recommended to purchase Global set as Global set has no or less bloatwares and less buggy compare to China set.

  • Kay

Richard, 01 Jan 2019My phone's screen moves automatic as if someone is touching... moreThis problem related to LCD screen problem. It is recommended to ask for warranty claim to replace that LCD screen.

  • Anonymous

Rald, 27 Nov 2018Hi! I'm using Zenfone 4 Selfie and I'm having trouble with ... morehold the power butan for 5 second than it's go to power off

  • Richard

My phone's screen moves automatic as if someone is touching it. Tried restarting at least 10x but still the same.

  • thobil

Rald, 27 Nov 2018Hi! I'm using Zenfone 4 Selfie and I'm having trouble with ... morejust press the power button until your phone restart by itself. i usualy use this method.
sorry that my english is so bad because it isn't my native language

  • Rald

Hi! I'm using Zenfone 4 Selfie and I'm having trouble with my screen. There are times that the touch doesn't work and because the battery is non-removable, I have to empty its battery first so I can reboot my phone. Is someone here having the same issue? How can I fix it? Thank you.

AnonD-751698, 22 Jun 2018Hi Javeian, 1. Lower screen brightness An overly brig... moreIn other words, turn your smartphone into a flip phone with a big dim screen.....

Good news your battery will last
Bad news you cannot do much with it at all

VAsi, 22 Aug 2018Hello , do you know if tou can upgrade to oreo ? Please ans... moreYes you can. Just keep updating until you have zenui 5, then update again. ThisA HUGE 1,3 gb download. Make sure you have AT LEAST 3gb free or it WILL DOWNLOAD AND FAIL meaning you will have to download the WHOLE 1,3 gb again.

Oreo makes this phone go from freezing every so often to"only" sluggish. It also will make your battery feel like a1500 mAh battery instead of 3000. Be warned.

But at least it will become barely useable... For the little time it stays alive, that is

It is so slow I almost don't believe or have 4 core 2gb ram.

Closing Facebook lite to return to main screen it gives me the rotating icon with only wallpaper for THREE SECONDS before showing apps icons

Battery looks like 1500 mah, not 3000. It does within for hours of heavy use

Charger does not support turbo or even 2amp. Only 1 amp, meaning it discharges even plugged in with MODERATE use.

It should be renamed from Zenfone 4 to jokephone 1 the first bad taste Asus played on costumers.

I have had znf 2 go live it was good. Znf 3 Max it was good and znf4max, it was very good. I got tricked into thinking the znf4selfie would be at least CLOSE to Max. Like, a little less battery for a better camera, but keeping other stats the same.

Fooll of me. It have worse charger worse battery worse casing quality worse performance.

Why name it znf 4? Really, this is borderline unethical, so misleading it is. The overall performance and feel is closer to the znf2 family on this glorified paperweight

  • Akash

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2018My battery drain so fast after updateYes mine also ...

  • Anonymous

Worst phone ever. Worst brand ever. Stop buying Asus anymore

  • Anonymous

My battery drain so fast after update

  • Faris Rae

I want oreo update on this phone

  • thea

How do i fix my Asus Zenfone 4 selfie pro? it just suddenly went on white screen and when i try rebooting it, still has the same white screen :(. it's also heating on the upper part of the phone when it's turned on. can someone help me on this :(

  • VAsi

Hello , do you know if tou can upgrade to oreo ? Please answer. Thank you.


why my zenfone 4 selfie pro always encounter white screen? it has 2x white screen problem and for replacement.. it is possible for factory defect?


2x white screen issues....

  • AnonD-751698

Saleem, 17 Feb 2018Hi I'm use in Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Mobil heatset is not working Hi Saleem,

Try using another headset with this device and check.