Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG (2015)

Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG (2015)

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  • Andrean
  • u7V
  • 14 Jul 2021

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2018please tell me how to upgrade kitkat to lollipopplease tell me how to update android kitkat to lollipop?

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    • DzeyAy
    • 7Xs
    • 03 May 2020

    afan, 31 Mar 2019This phone is excellent. One problem is the battery life. I... moreI have an Asus Zenfone 5 currently, and the battery is like an oven every about 30 mins of use, what's the app you used for changing the CPU clock again and how is it done? Thanks for the response.

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      • SUGI
      • KAy
      • 08 Oct 2019

      my first best mobile in my life

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        • afan
        • vaQ
        • 31 Mar 2019

        This phone is excellent. One problem is the battery life. I can only gat 2 hours or even 1hr 30 mins of use. It got me thinking that underclocking the cpu is the solution. Guess what? It is! I have managed to put the cpu frequency from 1.6 GHZ to 1.3 GHZ. The battery life is better now than before. Performance decrease is not noticable. In fact it got a bit faster. Because the cpu is not overheating anymore, the result is good. You should root the phone though for this to work with a specific app to change the frequency of the cpu.

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          • Anonymous
          • R5f
          • 12 Feb 2019

          Sabari, 04 Dec 2016Can we use 4G SIM Card in this mobile for internet ?no

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            • yahhs
            • 61W
            • 24 Nov 2018

            Anonymous, 16 Oct 2018please tell me how to upgrade kitkat to lollipopGsgst

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              • Anonymous
              • sxr
              • 16 Oct 2018

              please tell me how to upgrade kitkat to lollipop

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                • Eddie
                • IVD
                • 13 May 2018

                Anonymous, 09 Mar 2018very bad battery life, itd standing only 6 hoursThe battery life sucks i agree

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                  • Anonymous
                  • X{R
                  • 09 Mar 2018

                  very bad battery life, itd standing only 6 hours

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                    • Keanu
                    • jCb
                    • 25 Feb 2018

                    Don't buy it. The battery drops very fast, overheat easily, and often get crashes. Another cheap phones won't this bad either.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • IJk
                      • 23 Jan 2018

                      This phone is junk. You get what you pay for.

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                        • Neha
                        • bCd
                        • 25 Aug 2017

                        Great phone. Camera better than given credit for. Overall a good phone. Good specs for the money and more stable than some other bigger brands I've tried. If you value stability, take this or a newer Zenfone.

                          I used Asus Zenfone 5 from first released loving its design. But not worth in 2017 for sure. Many custom rom available in XDA Forum. You should install custom rom.

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                            • AnonD-378743
                            • p37
                            • 19 Jun 2017

                            Great quality pictures.
                            Fast charging. Faster going out...
                            Battery is a problem. When upgrade to android 5 will get a slower smartphone and less battery. Android 5 is not so good. Avoid it.
                            The smartphone gets very warm when you use it a lot...even reboot by himself ( only happen after getting android 5 )

                            Gps on this smartphone is very bad. It's very difficult to get signal.... If you need to use gps in this smartphone, forget it.

                            I have contacted Asus. 2 months later they contact me...telling that the problems are coming from Android 5, and not from the smartphone...well....I sold it to a guy that has upgraded to android 6 and works fine ( cyanogen ) I do not know... But I avoid Asus. Do not want Asus pc, smartphone, or router....will avoid this brand

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                              • Anonymous
                              • u7Y
                              • 12 Apr 2017

                              Sabari, 04 Dec 2016Can we use 4G SIM Card in this mobile for internet ?No

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                                • Louise Lee
                                • IWc
                                • 06 Apr 2017

                                My phone is Asus Zenfone 5. About 2 year ago asus breakdown 2015 and 2016. It is not good Asus made in China. Eveyone if you not want to buy New mobile Asus. Not good mobile Asus. After I change new mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 edge soon on 2017.

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                                  • JK
                                  • BE1
                                  • 11 Jan 2017

                                  Firstly for battery draining fast problem always use powersaver in supersaving mode or in customized mode only.

                                  For upgrade from kitkat to lollipop check the link and download and follow the procedure there read carefully before u attempt
                                  Note: the firmware will have more size than your current kitkat size so your internal storage will be less than before so you cant download more apps


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                                    • Gamer22
                                    • fCZ
                                    • 06 Jan 2017

                                    I use Asus ZenFone 5 a501cg for since about 2 years now,,i upgarded my phone to lollipop 5.0 ya it lags sometimes but still for me it's the best still...But ya when i made it lollipop since then i couldnt keep much games because it lags,and i say they in this phone the preinstalled android 4.3 jelly beam is wont lag..
                                    It sometimes heats up,and also i prefer that jelly beam 4.3 for this wont lag but if u make it lolipop it lags sometimes,the camera also excellent till now buy one biggest problem of this phone is the buttons,mine ones broke ,they came out because they are fixed with the back cover,and also the cost of repairing its screen is very high it costed me 5000rs when i went to asus service center for repairing the broken screen,overall i will give it 7.5 out of 10..

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                                      • kay
                                      • tue
                                      • 26 Dec 2016

                                      My phone low battery fast not even take 2 hours if using internet... why?

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                                        • srinivas
                                        • KSg
                                        • 21 Dec 2016

                                        i use asus zenfone5 A501CG model how to update kitkat to lollipop can send link to me