Asus Zenfone 7 Pro ZS671KS

Asus Zenfone 7 Pro ZS671KS

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  • edddd

The 4G bands are wrong here. Here in EU it comes with a rather measly 4G band support. Ok for EU, but terrible for Americas. The included user manual matches with what you find on kimovil. I used gsmarena information to choose a phone, sadly ASUS put misinformation on their site and gsmarena took it.

  • Budgetguy

Bruh, they need to release Max Pro M3 ASAP. I want to replace my 2 year old M2 now. SD 690 chipset will be great. No need to go SD 765G. SD 480 will also do. Just price it near Max Pro M2.

I'd love to see this for the Zenfone 8/8 Pro:

Zenfone 8 Pro (only changes include Snapdragon 888, return of the headphone jack, 5,150mAH battery, IP55, 16MP Ultrawide cam, 2K@90Hz display, and LTE Bands 29 and 66/5G bands 41, 66, 80, and 84):

12GB RAM/512GB ROM - $1,000
12GB RAM/256GB ROM - $925
8GB RAM/256GB ROM - $850

Zenfone 8 (only changes include Dimmensity 1200, return of the headphone jack, 5,150mAH battery, IP55, 16MP Ultrawide cam, LG's LCD 2K@90Hz, and LTE Band 66/5G bands 41, 66, 80, and 84):

12GB RAM/256GB ROM - $800
8GB RAM/256GB ROM - $725
6GB RAM/128GB ROM - $600

This would be amazing to be honest and would bridge a larger gap between the two phones.

kikrox, 09 Jan 2021doesnt seem to work is USA with 4G , 5G on ATT Tmobile wor... moreThat's why you check the 5G bands on this site. They don't even have 5G band 41. IDK why they didn't care to put a decent amount of US/Canadian support for their networks. Missing 5G band 41 is even crazier considering China's main telecom company uses it...

  • mar

I bought this phone 1 month ago, it is quite good, asus is the new samsung. Great camera, battery, no punch hole (the most important thing), sd card +2 sims, software quite good, and the flip is great and selfies with 64 mpixel mad (you see the iris and every cell of your face) , gcam is worst than asus cam. I like this phone, I was note user last 8 years, samsung is rubish now (after note 9 they become expensive and rubbish + equinox) I am glad i left samy. I paid £550. The processor is a beast. Charger is 30w, Negatives: tiny second speaker, gorgeos screen 90hz but not so bright at 80%, no ip rating, but the flip is worth. I hope asus will not become rubbish in the future or start copying apple. I hate notches and holes, i have a oppo reno 5g (shark fin) with brighter display, they use the same screen protector, oppo has even periscope, but i like zenfone much more as phone and camera. Weight is 230g, exactly like s21, nobody complain at samsung, but complain at asus, is not heavy. Has a good balance. It comes with 2 cases, dark case only protects the screen, transparent case protects only the camera bump, none is good, so i bought new case for it. Life without samsung is a beautiful life. This phone is a head turner, everybody looks at this phone, even without flipping.

  • Alan

Does anyone know if this phone works with Asus Professional Dock to output video to tv/external screen. Or has anyone try with any other 3rd party adapter? Due to some reasons, wireless casting is not an option for me. I need the wired connection.

  • kikrox

doesnt seem to work is USA with 4G , 5G on ATT
Tmobile works 4G only. No 5G. No Volte.


Kagilso, 06 Jan 2021i have used the asus zenfone 7 pro for about two months now... morewhat about call quality issues and also what about software updates? for the past 2 months as you mentioned that you own the phone , did you get regularly updates?

i have used the asus zenfone 7 pro for about two months now. and it is an absolute beast. the battery is the best i have ever used. and it may be the best phone for video consumption(even with a 1080 x 2400p display). almost every reviewer comments on the zize of the phone, but it isnt really any problem at all. and the weight is not anything you can feel. and if you feel the weight, then you will get used to it. so over all it is a 9.5 ot of 10 stars.

  • USB

What version of the USB port? is it 3.1 or 2.0 only?

  • Ithink

For this price IP68 would be nice. Also smaller.

  • Anonymous

It would be better if it had IP rating. May be in the 8.

  • Anonymous

Heth , 10 Dec 2020Awesome phone.Brings top of the line specs for a great pric... moreAt the release MSRP of 799, I don't see how this is great price? There's plenty choice given at this price range.

Shroud Dr.Disrespect, 12 Dec 2020Good for gaming because Snapdragon 865+ Best screen, it is... moreIt'll game just as well as my galaxy note 9 because games are pretty much aren't optimised for phones, with regards to photography it shouldn't matter as you could just get a DSLR or Mirrorless camera if you're a photographer, the display seems alright but not the best. Can't complain for the price I guess. Put it this way, a car could have a lot of horsepower and torque but it can't utilise it with crappy tyres, and in the phones case, the software is the tyres.

Good for gaming because Snapdragon 865+
Best screen, it is notchless ~

Best Selfie and all Photography according to MKBHD test and Arun "Mrwhosetheboss"

  • Anonymous

proUser, 08 Dec 2020Why its not available in INDIA ?You have f**king money to buy this flagship? The iPhone 12 or note 20 selling stats shows it other way.

  • Heth

Awesome phone.Brings top of the line specs for a great price.I hope Asus's next zenfone and rog series bring all the things that a flagship have like wireless charging,IP rating and QHD+ display other things that Asus's zenfones and rig phones have are really good.

  • Anonymous

proUser, 08 Dec 2020Why its not available in INDIA ?Maybe Asus didn't feel like renaming the phone as 'Zenfone' isn't allowed, in a not so popular market for them too bothersome.

Why its not available in INDIA ?

  • Anonymous

heth, 15 Nov 2020This is a great value for money smartphone with great specs... moreI have to disagree on value at the release MSRP. Coming from older Zenfones, the predecessor were good value where I don't see much proposition where there's so many choice at the price range, and Zenfone7 Pro certainlly aren't a clear cut choice among them. The good things aside:

1. The phone is on the big and heavy side
2. For a long time, the support of VoLTE has being weak. Asus is adding them carrier by carrier, which is ridicules
3. It isn't all band like Asus claim
4. Weak software / firmware update over time

And going down to a bit more subjective here:
5. Only two colour options
6. No 3.5mm stereo jack (this is a con if you coming from Asus, as this is the first phone to remove the feature)
7. Poor battery capacity and performance (Asus had 5000mAh battery since Zenfone 3, and still 5000 on Zenfone 7?? Not to mention, it does not perform like one with any of the Zenfone models)

While it a nice option among the market, but it certainly doesn't hold the value crown given the amount of choice.