Asus Zenfone 7 Pro ZS671KS

Asus Zenfone 7 Pro ZS671KS

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  • ASUS Fans

AnoM, 04 Sep 2020Sadly, there are bunch of hater that hate ASUS in Malaysia,... moreI see, thank you for your sharing! As fairness, despite of that ASUS should still bring in a batch of Zenfone with limited stock available for those really ASUS Fans.... I want ASUS Zenfone series to be back in Malaysia!

Wait wait. Last snapdragon with microSD and Amoled???? Its beautiful!

  • AnoM

ASUS Fans, 02 Sep 2020Is this coming to Malaysia? As a ASUS Fans, I actually pref... moreSadly, there are bunch of hater that hate ASUS in Malaysia, particularly with their ROG Phone series, and lack confident in their Zenfone series since Zenfone 2.
Only very little minor group are buying ASUS smartphone, that is why ASUS never bring in Zenfone 6 to Malaysia.

  • petinggi miyono

is this phone coming to indonesia?

  • Raz

iAMe100XP, 31 Aug 2020But OLED is better, never heard anyone say they're not... moreCheck about PWM. DC dimming is not full solution. So ZF6 was one of the last flagship IPS phone along with iphone 11, honor 20 and realme x3

  • ASUS Fans

Is this coming to Malaysia? As a ASUS Fans, I actually prefer Zenfone than ROG, ASUS should bring both of them into Malaysia.

  • Anonymous

USB type C 1.0 ??

  • Anonymous

İ dont like motorized flip-up or pop-up camera modules. it looks so ugly.

  • AZIZ

Hey what's up what happen why ASUS ZENFONE (7 PRO and ROG PHONE 3)haven't AF LASER????? WTFK?????OMG!!!!!

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 26 Aug 2020Nice copycat of Samsung A80. Nothing else needs to be said. Wtf you talking about? Samsung a80 flip is from oppo n1 and its pop-up is from oppo find x.

Besides, this flip camera is way different from a80.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2020No IP rating, i'll pass.How is it suppose to when it has moving parts?

  • GBI

Release to market , when ?

Raz, 30 Aug 2020No IPS - no buyYes I am sure if it had an IPS panel you would have bought it.

  • Michael V

I always skydive then make a scuba diving. I like this this phone because it has a camera.

  • Anonymous

No IP rating, i'll pass.

Quim Roscas, 30 Aug 2020It is water proff ????It does not have IP rating, so you should not drop the phone in water(what is important do not submerge it).

Raz, 30 Aug 2020No IPS - no buyBut OLED is better, never heard anyone say they're not going to buy a phone because of it having an AMOLED

salarx, 29 Aug 2020Gorilla glass 3 has best scratch resistance, and gorilla gl... moreIt has a good scratch resistance, but if you accidentally drop it on that side, bum! You know a phone can fall to its screen, but to its back also. If you use keys on your pocket, most likely the screen will suffer. I know what I am talking about, my old S8 suffered an ugly one(OK that has the CG5).

OFX, 30 Aug 2020For a 865+ phone, particularly a brand outside the mainstre... moreSurely if the camera is such a big thing for you, can't you get an actual camera? With phones its not just the hardware, its software that helps towards picture quality for example look at apple and Google, they have 12MP sensors but brilliant image quality, and then look at the likes of OnePlus, they have really good high resolution sensors but crap image quality, i had a OnePlus 7 Pro which I replaced with a Samsung Galaxy Note9 and when I compared the cameras it was night and day, the OnePlus was terrible. And charging speeds, with the massive battery on the Zenfone, it'll last a rather long day with the 865+ being more power efficient compared to the 730G, its a bit strange how you're comparing your phone to this phone lol

  • Raz

No IPS - no buy