Asus Zenfone 7 Pro ZS671KS

Asus Zenfone 7 Pro ZS671KS

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Asus has to add 12gb ram,3.5mmjack,120hz display,radio, and a tof 3d death seonor. By. Adding this features it will be perfect phone.
Now th phone has record with 1st phone with 3 selfie camera,selfi 8k camera,
If they add 12gb ram it will be 1st phone with 12gbram with dual sim and dedicated slot
They increase fhd+ to qhd+ and 90hz to 144hz and 256gb rom to 512 gb ram and 8gb ram to 12gbram and 200hz touch sensing to 300hz toch sensing
And some like 5000mah to 6000mah or higher and 30w to 65w or 90w or 120w or higher
Like Samsung s20 series can change display quality from qhd to fhd if asus made it can qhd+ to 4k and fhd+.when sceern quality change qhd+ to fhd+ screen refesh rate to 240hz and in 4k@60hz
And display brightness to 1000nit or higher
If themain cmera change to 64mp to 108mpor higher with laser af and omminiditional pdaf and some more large pixel and dual pixiel technology
3x to 5x or 10x or higher optical zoom laser af and omminiditional pdaf and some more large pixel and dual pixiel technolog
In ultrawide angel some degree wide and laser af and omminiditional pdaf and some more large pixel and and ois
In video recording 720p can recored in 960fps or 1920fps
Increase in network frequency like lite-a(7A)cat 2000mb/200mbps and 5g @7.5gbps and adding cdma and evodo

With tis mauch feature its upitimate phone in 2020

Why is ASUS able to put the SD Card in their Asus Zenfone 7 Pro, but not the Rog Phone 3? Come on you guys!

Given how Asus screwed every US owner of a Zenfone 6, I think "full specifications" needs to include the extent of VoLTE support.

  • RVA

GoudronViande24, 26 Aug 2020Why take out the headphone jack ASUS??I suspect 3 cameras on top took too much space and 3.5mm jack just wouldn't fit, considering the motor and hinges inside. I respect ASUS for the spec and how they do things. They are one of the few who would let you to unlock the bootloader and have a root option.

  • Latvis

Got little excited about specs, till I read that there is no headphone jack. WTF....... :(

  • Aria Upland

What a specs! Except for no headphone jack. Jesus you wont be feeling the promised sampling rate using wireless shit. I hope asus keeps its promise to software support. They left the rog1 and max series eating dust

  • Anonymous

Glad they kept the flip camera but the sensor could have been better.

  • Blackkk Mamba

Asus seems to have struck a deal with Qualcomm for the Snapdragon 865 version as no other manufacturer getting their hands on it.

  • Alexandre

Halfthekgb, 26 Aug 2020I think you're asking for a bit much here. 8/256 with ... moreBut he can't be comparing it to Samsung, unless he's delusional, because Samsung is even worse in that aspect. He's probably talking about OnePlus, Xiaomi or Realme. Asus does what they can, but they are not expecting to compete in manufacture price and in sales with those brands. I don't like this phone but I like the effort, it's nice to have an option to have a great selfie camera

  • LaLA

sohail shafayat, 26 Aug 20209.6mm thick & weighing 230g!!! What the fugk!!! It's a joke right? Are you really going to complain about the weight and width of a phone? That is to be very picky ... not even a rugged smartphone

  • Anonymous

I like that ASUS doesn't just abandon all their ideas. This phone looks like a great allrounder!

I just miss laser autofocus or time of flight...

  • Anonymous

I hope the OLED durability will be better than Zenfone 3 Zoom

Daum, 26 Aug 2020You're joking, right? I've been using OLEDs for t... moreI use apps that have static graphics and at max brightness, enough to generate burn-in within a year. I like to keep a phone 3-4 years

I understand why it became much expensive due to its premium flagship features. But from ZenFone 6 starting at $499 to the the ZenFone 7 Pro starting at around $950, indeed a big leap.

Vivid, 26 Aug 2020ROG 3 or Zen 7 Pro? ROG 3 = Gaming, Z7Pro = All Around

  • MobileCrAzy

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2020Best selfie camera solution. Also OIS on flippy module is s... moreHope they dont stop ois in front camera via software.

  • MobileCrAzy

Everything was perfect but let down by no 3.5mm jack and weight of phone and only 90hz display. I din't expect it from Asus (3.5mm)☹️. Last year i denied Asus zf6 for not having amoled display and telephoto lens now i will again deny Asus zf7 pro. U broke me Asus.

9.6mm thick & weighing 230g!!! What the fugk!!!

  • Anonymous

Best selfie camera solution. Also OIS on flippy module is so cool to see, and super useful. This phone kicks ass so much, and specifications are awesome. In my opinion, headphone jack isn't a big tradeoff. Definitely buying for long term use!

  • GoudronViande24

Why take out the headphone jack ASUS??