Asus Zenfone Live ZB501KL

Asus Zenfone Live ZB501KL

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  • orang indo
  • tDS
  • 06 Oct 2022

durable use

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    • Seth
    • 7XH
    • 23 Sep 2022

    PHILIPPINE JAGUAR, 17 Sep 2018it is because the phone has 2650mah which means it has a lo... moreReally? i have this phone and it takes forever for it to die.

      It does'nt kill background processes, so NICE. NOT LIKE REALME C11
      2. The camera is so perfect.
      I mean, it looks like MORE MORE MORE better than Realme C11
      3. The Speaker
      You can actually feel the bass, it's sounded really clear
      4. Nice size
      i can easily reach the top of this phone. NOt so tall like REalme C11

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        • morr3no
        • uEx
        • 29 May 2020

        this phone's GPS accuracy is very poor.
        Please ASUS, fix it !

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • 7Xd
          • 29 Feb 2020

          why is my phone lag for a couple of minutes? when i charge it, still the same. why is that?

            • f
            • fusch
            • xp6
            • 26 Dec 2019

            Gave an employee the phone, he reset everything before he gave it back. As i cannot remember the email address of the initial account, "Lebara" disabled the pre-paid card about 2 Month ago, the phone is now bricked due to the builtin security feature. No recovery or flashing possible. There is no way of using that fully functional phone ever again. Good Job.

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              • pengu
              • y$7
              • 06 Nov 2019

              I've used this phone for 1 year and i buy the 3GB version (which available in Indonesia or another country) and i think its not a really good phone, since the processor is only quad core and u got to work on some heavy app. And even the launcher itself make the phone got more laggy and we cant uninstall it without root.

                my phone is not charging so i've decided to buy a charging port for ZB501KL. I did installed it yet it's still not working...what should i do?

                  • Q
                  • Q
                  • X$T
                  • 05 Oct 2018

                  Care, the front camera is not great. even if it's 5MP.
                  1 speaker at the bottom, which if not careful get easily blocked by your palm when on landscape.

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                    • Pnoy2Tall
                    • UD{
                    • 01 Oct 2018

                    MaryBeth, 26 Sep 2018I bought two of these phones. These phones will not power o... moreThat is a veryyyyyyy rare case ma'am @-@

                      • M
                      • MaryBeth
                      • bh@
                      • 26 Sep 2018

                      I bought two of these phones. These phones will not power on outside of our home. Once the wi-fi is out of reach the phone shuts off. I cannot turn it back on- if I do a reset it comes up and I have 3 seconds until it shuts off. If I bring it back in range of the wi-fi- it requires to be plugged in and charging. Phone comes on and is at 100% and I can remove it from the charger and use it. Does anyone else have this problem? I bought this for my son who is away at college- I cannot return it and it will not function.

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                        • PHILIPPINE JAGUAR
                        • vx6
                        • 17 Sep 2018

                        DatUtter, 08 Aug 2018This phone is pretty good. For social media and day to day ... moreit is because the phone has 2650mah which means it has a low battery life...that is the reason why the phone's battery drains fast. (just saying).

                          This phone is pretty good. For social media and day to day use it works smooth. The sound card is very nice so listening to music with the headphone jack is super. Both camera are good. And both speaker and earpiece is nice. Can't really complain paid only around 170 dollar for this and its good for its price.

                          Only problem I had was when I first started it up and it has like 40 app updates and an system update. After all that it drained a lot of battery. But after a reset it now works without any problem. Battery is great.

                          Overall a solid phone with some nice futures. I give it 7/10.

                            • Z
                            • Zenfone Live
                            • j1Z
                            • 06 Aug 2018

                            Had this phone last year, the phone was good but the volume rockers and the power buttons are sometimes unresponsive, you need to make sure that you press hard enough to turn up the volume or lower it down. Same goes with the power button when locking up the screen or shutting down the phone. With regards to the performance, this phone can actually play games like Dragon Nest Mobile and Mobile Legends, however, depending on your internet speed, expect some lags and Frame drops sometimes, also make sure to set graphics quality to the lowest settings . Just don't use the phone or play any games while charging, it really does lag :D

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                              • Anonymous
                              • mFq
                              • 03 Aug 2018

                              AnonD-671811, 24 May 2017Don't buy asus mobile because of late update from asus, fir... moreDo not buy this phone. It is kinda good, the phone itself is fast and everything but, the CPU heats up to 50C° after a half hour which makes your battery dead very fast. Also, it can heat up in your pocket and suddenly shut down. If you charge it up to 100% and use it let's say you start to use it from 6am and the battery dies at 3 or 4pm. I recommend Lenovo or Redmi smartphones.

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                                • Cy
                                • kb4
                                • 20 Jun 2018

                                This is so far the best and cheap smartphone I had! It's good for everyday use, great camera and lots of features! Great autofocus! The speakers are so cool....I always compare it to other phones and I don't regret the sound from this phone its super! great bass . It also charges fast for me. An average of 2 times of charge daily tho. I play netflix here its hd. ITS SOO UNDERRATED! it obviously heats up if you use it too much! too much apps or games layering. Duh! It never lags as long as you dont open too much apps.

                                JUST DONT: Play games with this phone, games that are heavy obviously. But i have download various lite games and its really cute. if you're finding a phone just for gaming....then dont choose a lite phone!!

                                Dropped it a lot of times, but no crack at all! as long as you have a case and tempered'll feel safe with this one.

                                Best phone! for me! REALLY GOOD FOR LIVE VIDEOS! I DO IT ALL THE TIME! THE FREAKING CAMERA COULD BE USE FOR ASMR SHIZ! its mic is just soo..uhhh nice *^*

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Lfs
                                  • 28 May 2018

                                  just little bit different with z00vd

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                                    • Harki
                                    • X{Y
                                    • 28 May 2018

                                    This phone sucks ,,, i just used this gadget for a year then boom it keeps on restarting and overheating .. I try to consult customer service ... They say it is the main circuit board and cant be repaired ....

                                      • V
                                      • Vin C.
                                      • tCQ
                                      • 27 May 2018

                                      I really liked this phone. It is good for your everyday usage. The speaker is superb, good battery life, call quality is also good and cheap.

                                      But the main issues that I'm experiencing are, the messages always crash, sometimes the lock button doesn't work (so I have to turn on the gesture which is the double tap on the screen). The badges on my email is still there even when I already deleted or read my emails. Sometimes the phone becomes slow. The camera also sucks. I use IG story camera for better quality, but the video is good for me even at night.

                                      I'm still using it. Just bought the device last January 14, 2018.
                                      Good for everyday use. Just don't expect anything from it.
                                      As long as it works, it's all good. Haha.

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                                        • philippine jagura
                                        • vx6
                                        • 18 May 2018

                                        Asus mario zeph, 12 May 2018I can not sign up for google acct...omgjust to restart the phone and try again signing up for the google