Asus Zenfone Max (M1) ZB556KL

Asus Zenfone Max (M1) ZB556KL

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  • Rajarshi

Nice looking Phone,

Good : camara, display, battery, loud speaker sound, light weight, lower price

Bad: no gorilla glass

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

rk, 19 May 2019asus zenfone max m1 sucks. 1.battery backup sucks even its a 40... moreThe battery is not the issue its a octa-core built on 28nm is, they picked a obsolete pile of crap thats barely on par with a MT6750! OwO

Help, 21 Nov 2018Any bad experiences with this phone? Can it last at least 2 year... moreI am using this phone from November 2018, I am typing this in the same phone only. I am happy with this phone except the 2 cameras. Both front and back cameras are pathetic.
In this era of 6 inch and even more phones this phone feels very small. I have one Samsung A50 which is my primary phone and this is my secondary phone. If I keep both side by side Zenfone looks so small.
It has a design similar to some iPhones.
Now I will explain what I felt good and bad about this phone.


..Good looks and decent size
.. Outstanding sound quality especially through Bluetooth headphones and even phone speaker.
...I like the Zen UI which is very easy to use than Colour OS and Funtouch OS.
... 3 gb 32 variant is priced very reasonably
... Notification led with different colours
...Not a Chinese phone, yes it is from Taiwan, still feels better than Chinese craps.

Now the negatives...
...Poor no very poor cameras, simply waste.
...4000 mAh battery performs like a 2500 mAh phone.
...Small screen just 5.45 inches.
...No proper security updates.
...Once in a blue moon we get some update, but nothing will change
... Plastic body is very scratchy

  • Blitz901

As a phone manufacture I can only say bad things. To make a very long story short my Zenfone Max has a reoccurring issue with the screen. It was sent away for repair twice, when the problem reoccurred for a third time they refused to repair it because it was now more than 1 year old. This issue is clearly underlying. I can't imagine buy a higher end handset from them if this is what they do when their is a defect in their products. ASUS is a waste of time and money when it comes to their Zenfones.

  • rk

man , 26 Feb 2019great phone for its priceasus zenfone max m1 sucks.
1.battery backup sucks even its a 4000 mah batttery
2.user interface also nothing special. as xiaomi phone has lot to offer.
3.updates are just waste of data. nothing special comes with updates.
4.night mode network speed many things missing here.
5.dual app feature drives me crazy as it only offer YouTube second app. nothing else shown in the list of app that can be made dual app.

  • KapitanKulas

Bought it last year, August 2018 and still works fine. Dropped it few and still working. I make sure that I keep my phone safe and secured, but the problem is I can no longer feel the 4000 mAh... I can play games like PUBG and Mobile legends for 4hrs straight with atleast 2hrs of youtube before it goes down to 20%. Mobile data is always on. I think I'm just a heavy user.. But while watching on my phone I can continuously watch 6 hrs. straight from full bar to 50% :)

PS. BT sucks.. If connected to a device I cannot bring my phone no longer 1 meter away from the device or else I'll get a crappy audio.

  • man

great phone for its price

  • Jay

Kamal, 28 Dec 2018Humen reached at moon but i can not read these asus phones name.... moreJust say Zenfone Max (M1)

  • Howard

Reigh, 30 Nov 2018When I open google play to download some game, google play autom... moreHi,

I am from Philippines.

No problem with my phone.

Please bring it in the nearest repair center.

One is in MOA.

  • Satish K

Much better for xiaomi. (mi) 6A

  • Kamal

Humen reached at moon but i can not read these asus phones name.
Go at shop and ask asus Wj12+amdagj126jt etc.

  • Reigh

When I open google play to download some game, google play automatically crashes, any idea how to fix it, mine is from Philippines release, Thanks

  • Kronos

Vonarian, 09 Nov 2018720 x 1440 pixels, 16:10 ratio really? :| 18:9 (2:1) is better replace their engineer

  • Help

Any bad experiences with this phone? Can it last at least 2 years?

How well does it handle games like PUBG?

  • asish

really 82 parcent body to screen

720 x 1440 pixels, 16:10 ratio
really? :|
18:9 (2:1) is correct.

  • Riyaz Madappally

Great phone with awesome features, better than C1

  • Hasan

Sss, 20 Oct 2018Poor ppi below 250No. It's 295. Make the calculation yourself.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Sss, 20 Oct 2018Poor ppi below 250I have seen worse, also for its price its not to bad in terms of the other specs. :3

  • Sss

Poor ppi below 250