Asus Zenfone Max (M2) ZB633KL

Asus Zenfone Max (M2) ZB633KL

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  • Anonymous

Bruh , X01AD and X01BD is different...

X01BD is Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2

Hey, I really love this kind of phone. Can someone help me in telling me where I can purchase one here in Fiji ! #help

  • Anonymous

I'm quite satisfied with this phone, and I wish I could buy another one brand new.

  • faiz

This is quite great phone. I bought it in feb 2019 and it is still usable till now.

  • SamPikachu

I bought the phone last year November 2020 (brand new, never been open) and upto now it's still working great with NO ISSUES! been using this in playing Call of Duty Mobile (Low graphics, High framerate) and the game is smooth! no lag also when using all my social media accounts and browsing and watching some videos. I don't know why you guys are experiencing BAD side of this phone but for me as a user of this phone THIS IS STILL A GREAT PHONE! i just want to agree with one comment here that you guys must really a bad phone user hehehe #peace

  • Beastfury99

This is a great phone in the budget.. the snapdragon 632 processor provide great speed in day to day tasks and you can also do some gaming on it like you can play pubg at high settings in smooth graphics and other games work well.. The camera produces natural colors they are not chroma boosted like in other phones. The camera produces raw image with great detail and quality. overall it is a great phone if you are in a tight budget otherwise with increase in the budget there are a lot of options to buy

  • Anonymous

You perople are bad users, this phone is great. Otherwise, buy a chinese phone... cheap, lots of features but all gimicky.

Okay,idk how to screen record in this phone.anyone?

Dont update this ph, 10 Sep 2020Idk why but latest update just make this phone charge so sl... morebuy a new compatible charger or reset factory default

  • Naidu

I am using this from last 5 months good phone but I got a problem that on a lock screen facing the reverse charging option but I didn't kept the USB. it is coming from last 3 hours

Please give me a one suggestion

  • Dont update this ph

Idk why but latest update just make this phone charge so slow even it said "slow charging" on lock screen.Now I want revert back to oreo,so can anyone help me please ASAP.Im really desperate now

  • atha

Wisely, 30 Jul 2020This phone is can't manage the 4G services,their promi... morelol, i have been use this phone for about 1 years and i have no problem for 4G service

  • CK

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2020is it true? bcoz i want to buy this unit Go gor it. Buy Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand set. It comes with 4gb ram/32 Rom

  • Anonymous

Wisely, 30 Jul 2020This phone is can't manage the 4G services,their promi... moreis it true? bcoz i want to buy this unit

  • Wisely

rp2010, 09 Jul 2019After 1 Month of using this handset the devices started not... moreThis phone is can't manage the 4G services,their promise 4G services is a prank,go buy this and youll get 2G phone

  • archie2020

Sayed Sujon, 27 Jul 2020my phone one problem, sometime display automatics up done... morewe have same problem .. any solution?

  • Sayed Sujon

my phone one problem,
sometime display automatics up done same time display hang. That time look button Off/One than okay,

Please advise
Sayed Sujon
01670156178 (Bangladesh)

  • Aragon

I really love this phone, good built quality, decent performance even in 2020. Camera and battery is ok but could be better. My first Asus are Z5 2014, still work until now, only battery really bad(never change battery since 2014 lol). There are plethora of new mobile brand today, but I'll stick with Asus and Samsung. I read so many complain and hates about this phone, come on guys this is budget phone, not even mid-range. I bought this very cheap than any other brand with similar hardware so I'm happy.

  • Neneng

I am from Indonesia, when using the camera, color of tosca become blue, seem the camera lack of green tint

sirisiri, 31 Oct 2019I had Max pro M1 for 3 months. It's mobile data speeds are ... moreIf you tested 3 phones and have the same problem you should consider your internet connection and your location. Go to somewhere with strong signal. Test other wifi. Your current location probably have signal problem. Test with other phones too.