Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M2) ZB631KL

Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M2) ZB631KL

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  • Kx7
  • 31 Jan 2023

Mr.user, 18 Dec 2022Wtf...i have this model asus_x01bda, but there is no nfc. LolLol...i have it too. No NFC and the speaker is toooooo lowwww

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    • head
    • YMr
    • 20 Jan 2023

    I have purchased this phone on the first day of sale and used it for 4 years. Used to charge two times a day and play 8 hours game . changed battery after two years. changed display once due to water damage. It still works fine. All replacements are of Original quality. Always go for Stock Android.

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      • Mr.user
      • Kxf
      • 18 Dec 2022

      Wtf...i have this model asus_x01bda, but there is no nfc. Lol

        Just bought it used 3 weeks ago, smooth and still on good condition fullset 4/64 for $80, a HUGE upgrade from my J7 Prime especially on performance (up to 5x faster) and battery (almost 2x), althought the camera is not that good, at least on photo, like its quite lacking compare to my j7 prime although its like 11/12, the video camera is an upgrade tho....hopefully it can last 2 years from now...
        Like it was unfortunate that asus abandon this phone...if only the Mi A3 is price close to this, I will choose it, but it's around $140 in my country, that )'s not good of a price at least compare to this....

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          • Anonymous
          • vaQ
          • 30 Aug 2022

          Wow, you people are actually comparing a midranger 2018 phone to a 2022 flagship phone. How stupid can you get.

          For the record, I don't have this phone but its lower spec one, the M2, and it is still working as intended the same day as I bought it back in Feb 2019. Not saying it's perfect but it definitely gets the job done. Unfortunately I had to buy a new one since it won't handle today's modern mobile games.

          Nevertheless, it still works, and the battery still lasts for two days if all you do is the text and call, and a bit of Youtubing. And thanks to the modding community, I was able to install Android 12 in it.

          But of course. Haters gotta hate.

            Chris Adams, 31 Mar 2022Dude, I trashed this POS phone and jumped to a Samsung Gala... moreSo mpm2 is on the same level as s22, come on kid

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              • Salman
              • nCe
              • 04 Jul 2022

              HI, best phone in this segment at the time of release in india. but this phone is not available any online and offline store in india. if it is come back iam the first customer again.

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                • Anonymous
                • sxs
                • 09 Jun 2022

                phone's ok, but no updates anymore, screen is durable even after many drops, good experience would and wouldn't recommend it. I don't get the samsung drama in this comment section tho, welp probs transferring to a xiaomi or iphone after this phone. No regrets on buying this phone


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                    • Yanni001
                    • t7x
                    • 30 May 2022

                    ShawnG, 31 Dec 2021Can't complain about this phone at all works perfectly... moreSame! I bought Samsung’s “top of the line” phones maybe just 3x… and they all just lasted for about a year. They would have problems out of nowhere. And altho i can get repairs or even brand new replacements from the Samsung service centers in Manila, they would just one day have dots on the screen, take forever to start, etc etc.
                    But the Asus, they last forever. Seriously. Durable and just right i’d say.

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                      • deez
                      • vGc
                      • 05 Apr 2022

                      Chris Adams, 31 Mar 2022Dude, I trashed this POS phone and jumped to a Samsung Gala... moreyeah no shit a top of the line phone from 2022 is better than a mid range 2018 phone

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                        • Chris Adams
                        • YHH
                        • 31 Mar 2022

                        Dude, I trashed this POS phone and jumped to a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra! Best purchase of 2022 so far. I also got a Samsung Galaxy book pro 360 1TB 15.6 inch. F Samsung haters. Y'all likely never owned a single device from that company. People say dumb s*** online to boost their own ego. By the way, I bought the ASUS phone at the beginning of the COVID pandemic out of desperation. It was a bad decision and I learned from it.

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                          • Samkong
                          • Hkr
                          • 23 Feb 2022

                          Anonymous, 04 Jan 2022Samsung phones are the best! If that weren't true they... moreMany people don't see Asus Computer/Phones just becsuse, Asud is the Sole Manufacturer of All the Brands in Computer Motherboards and Mobile phones right from thr Windows Pocket PC Days! Rest only stamp their Brand on the Aus Manufatured Phones/Computers...

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                            • CeeJay87
                            • kna
                            • 15 Jan 2022

                            ShawnG, 31 Dec 2021Can't complain about this phone at all works perfectly... moreI can tell you never actually owned a Samsung. Android people either tend to have Samsung or Google Pixel phones. And there's barely ever a complaint about those devices. I worked at a cell phone repair shop for two years. Most of the phones I was forced to fix were iPhones. We never bothered with ASUS devices because most people dumb enough to buy them can't afford a Samsung. I bought my ASUS phone when I was out of work due to COVID. As soon as I got called back to work, I bought another Samsung phone. You can't even video call on this ASUS. Think before you troll bro!

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                              • Anonymous
                              • kna
                              • 04 Jan 2022

                              ShawnG, 31 Dec 2021Can't complain about this phone at all works perfectly... moreSamsung phones are the best! If that weren't true they wouldn't dominate the android market. Even LG gave up on the phone business. I'm British but live I'm the US I don't see ASUS anywhere. No carrier sells them and they are known to be cheap budget phones that break easily, lag, and don't receive any major software or security updates. Samsung on the other hand is giving a major android 12 update to their galaxy line in waves. Thank you!

                                CeeJay87, 25 Dec 2021What a crappy phone...i bought it because I had to give up ... moreWell, I wasn't surprised. The S7 Edge is one of the best 2016 flagship phone, while the Max Pro M2 is just a pretty normal 2018 lower-midranger that launched at an equivalent of $200 (atleast in my country). You wouldn't even have 4K 60FPS in 2018 with a phone that costs that cheaply and you still wouldn't find a phone capable of that for $200 in 2021 unless you go for a used older midranger or flagship

                                  Can't complain about this phone at all works perfectly and never had any issues from new. Have had it for 2 years now and still as good as new. I can't understand all these negative comments as i have always used Asus for many years and can't fault them. On the other hand the only time i had a Samsung phone, it failed after couple of months and cost as much a new phone to repair. I would buy Asus anyday but never anything Samsung!

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • CGH
                                    • 27 Dec 2021

                                    Anonymous, 03 Aug 2021Its nearly over year that asus not provided any android 10 ... moreI support you, it's true

                                      What a crappy phone...i bought it because I had to give up my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because it was too old. It's no wonder ASUS doesn't sell in the US...their products are garbage! I went right back to Samsung and couldn't be happier. The ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 is a pretentious name because this device doesn't even record video in 4K hdr 60fps. But my new Samsung does. Plus, the earpiece and mic on the ASUS were a f**king joke!

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                                        • Stallone
                                        • r3H
                                        • 16 Nov 2021

                                        Please does Asus Zenfone max pro (m2) zb631kl that have 3 camera?? And 6gbram 64internal ROM ??