Asus Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL

Asus Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL

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  • wiki

just converted this phone to lineage os 15.1 (android 8.1) and it feels great.

  • Kamran Mahouri

Wootwoot, 02 Jan 2020I've been using this phone since 2016 up to sept last year. I do... moreHi just replace a new battery i have the same exact problem like 3 days ago i buy a new battery and its ok like first day

  • mohammad

Wootwoot, 02 Jan 2020I've been using this phone since 2016 up to sept last year. I do... morewe have same problem with this and diagnosed it is because of its battery and suggest me to replace the battery.

  • Wootwoot

I've been using this phone since 2016 up to sept last year. I dont why all of a sudden, it suddenly went off. Then when i tried to turn it on, it just powers on and the off again and again until you remove the battery.

  • Anonymous

rigle69, 05 Sep 2019I got this phone on 2015 til now. Was about to change to Asus Ma... moreJust buy a battery..yeah it's still good mobile phone with snapdragon processor

  • Madness


Since 2015 up to now Oct 2019 still using this .

This phone still kicking. Speed performance is a bit slow.
Camera is fine. hard to focus it takes 2-3x b (Im not a photograper nor selfie god type)

Battery is very poor performance, althought Im still using the stock battery. Funny thing is when its on 100% charge and once I open Facebook app then after a few second the battery percentage

  • rigle69

I got this phone on 2015 til now. Was about to change to Asus Max Pro M2 next time but I really like this phone. Can’t give it up even the battery is super bad now. Can’t charge properly sometimes. I even gave up my Asus Zenfone 2 and Xiaomi Redmi 4x. I will use this phone till it’s broken. Haha. Hope it will last little longer.

  • 3ogdy

Phone performance was OK. Huge , absolutely huge battery problems, though.
Really damn tired of how awful the battery life was, it was like something was constantly draining the battery - it wouldn't last an entire day on a full charge. It was that awful. Tried resetting the device, checked power consumption charts, got brand new batteries -mind the s in "batteries" from various places. Pretty much useless as a wireless (as in, not connected to an outlet) device.

  • Apoy

I've been using this phone for 4 year. Money spend well! worth it!

  • Anonymous

I really like this phone

  • hani

using this phone since 3 years, one of the best UI with lots of options, durable, good battery life. nice camera. value for money

  • Zedi Teranu Kiter

Yormam, 15 Sep 2018Battery performance is so bad! only 2-3 Hours! the camera gets ... moreFor camera,i think your lens might been flaw or something,For its original it just felt the exposure quite high due to laser autofocus,try to update camera apk in apk mirror, i use,then clearing the cache before use..for battery,do replace original battery with hologram stickers or use cameron sino battery like mine,i telling you this just want to share since the phone not break in half or something,i'm just sharing my experience,i didn't like it either,but if there a way to improve it,why not.?

  • Zedi Teranu Kiter

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2018Have had this phone for almost 3 years now and I would not want ... moreDo update it to the latest software which bring VoLTE features.? It feel quite smoother than before.

  • Zedi Teranu Kiter

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2018pretty good performance after 2 years 6 months. Battery isn't so... moreFor heating,i suggest you to update all apps to latest and clearing all apps cache in storage then restarting,also do consider to use greenify or Auto start features in Asus mobile manager apps,For battery,try change to original asus battery (don't trust cheap battery) or try cameron sino battery like me

  • Zedi Teranu Kiter

mohamed kamal, 03 Oct 2018dear asus i ownt aske about this ( 5GB free lifetime ASUS WebS... moremaybe it vary on different country and continent i guess,But i'm confused,why use asus storage while you still have google drive.?

  • mohamed kamal

dear asus
i ownt aske about this ( 5GB free lifetime ASUS WebStorage)
but when Create my account find it
(3.0GB WebStorage_3G_Free)

how ?
mohamed kamal

  • Danny

Morshed, 21 Jul 2018I'm looking for a brand new Asus Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL only for... moreAre you sure buddy.? I think you can get better photos with its competitor Xiaomi note 3,beside there a lot phone with better camera than this phone,even cheaper than this..

  • Eddy

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2018I bought this phone in sept 2015 and still using it after replac... moreDo you have better battery performance after root it and install custom rom.? Do share with us what the best rom for this phone that gives battery life without sacrificing its original performance,my phone still usable its just the battery won't help much,it becomes worst since 6 months after use

  • Tok Ki Mat

I used it since january 2016,overall is quite Ok and awesome for its spec unless you play heavy games,Sincerely good phone for medium user,the only worst worst worst part is only the battery performance,After 1 year of use,I only got around 1 hours 45 minutes to 2 hours and a half which is bad a LOT.!! Only on using Whatsapp,Telegram,Email,and other social apps,already change battery 2 times (original) and doing calibration several times,i think this is normal with Asus (fast degrading battery),My friends have a zen 3 max and now having only 5 hours S.O.T after Oreo update before he used to go 7 hours at least,I think this maybe the last time using Asus phone,My advise,For those who want to use Asus,for a second device,it acceptable but for main daily driver,you should think twice or go for another brand with better performance in battery life.

  • Anonymous

pretty good performance after 2 years 6 months. Battery isn't so good as it last only 2-3 hours on use and heating problem too. Everything other than these is awesome.