Asus Zenpad 10 Z300C

Asus Zenpad 10 Z300C

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  • Anonymous

Alx, 22 Nov 2018What about video support? Is it possible to watch movies or... moreIt is a pretty good tablet. I bought it 5 years ago and to be honest it held pretty good. After some time of use the battery drops drastically much, but I didn't treat it to well, I used it for long hours in charge etc. Now the battery keeps breaking the charge port. At overall it is a pretty good tablet, for watching movies, it can be used as a laptop, cause it supports windows 10 pro, it has its own keyboard. If you could find it new, it would be a very good deal. It supports only 720p tho.

  • Anonymous

Excellent tablet, 15 Dec 2017Totally disagree, with the above comments. My tablet has be... moreSeptembre 2019, still using it!!!!

On off the best specs/price/quality I Have.

All my softs android are running without problem

Even on my bike I use it as dashboard, and gps multimedia screen !!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2019I like the larger display though I don't understand why y... moreI use Messenger and FB on it without pb
Model Zenpad 10 Z300C P00C

  • Anonymous

Alx, 22 Nov 2018What about video support? Is it possible to watch movies or... moreYess, no problem !

  • Anonymous

I like the larger display though I don't understand why you can't use the well known messenger on here so I have to resort to my phone for any messages received which is really irritating also can't figure out where the memory card slot is if there is one

  • Isak

Lucello, 08 May 2017May be I am not that good about testing my Zenpad. I have w... moreI bought it used for reading e-books on it for $50. However, occasionally I used it to browse the web, but the not so subtle lag bothered me. It was a good toy for the kids though.

Yesterday though, my five year old daughter dropped it onto the stone floor in the bathroom and the screen broke. It was really hard to hide my happiness as I now had an excuse to buy a new one. :-D It won't be an Asus though.

  • Alx

What about video support? Is it possible to watch movies or youtube video on 720p and on 1080p? Is it slow,any lags, cracks? Thanks in advance

  • Excellent tablet

AnonD-688830, 01 Aug 2017Its not good for online gaming,wi fi has a really low drops... moreTotally disagree, with the above comments. My tablet has been a excellent buy & performer from the first day.

Battery excellent, repose quick, and it's feels and looks great for£110 this must be one of the best tablets in its range.
Did I mention they regularly update Android .

  • AnonD-688830

Its not good for online gaming,wi fi has a really low drops,when i try to play (World of Tanks Blitz) sometimes the screen would jam and get stuck or glitch as if i was moving my finger on the screen back and forth really quickly,did anyone else experience it with their device/any other game/this specific game?

  • AnonD-672773

Look,I really don't know what folk expect from I wouldn't say entry level but it ain't mid range, and your all bar the gentleman who said nuff said to finish his post is the only audible review I've read so far.

  • Lucello

Great White North..., 25 Nov 2016Okay listen up. most of the reviewers on here that are Talk... moreMay be I am not that good about testing my Zenpad. I have worked 25 years in IT . Installing and supporting a lot of applications on a lot of HW and OS. At home I did some analysis of the WiFi connection and compared it to 4 cell phones 3 other tablets and 2 laptops.
I believe I could say that my Zenpad 10 is by far the worst. I just sent it back to ASUS for the second time. I am quite skeptical about the result but I would graciously amend my review if it happens to be satisfactory fixed.

  • Lucello

I have one for a year now. WiFi is very slow or disconnects quite often.
Sent it to ASUS to be fixed.
No change, still the same even staying at 6 feet of my router. No other devices experience the same issue.
Browsing very slow.
Streaming stopping often: Not possible
Conclusion: Bad WIFI connection and processing very slow.
I am frustrated each time I use it.
I do not recommend.
R. C. B

  • Jacob

Hi all I was wondering I purchased a Asus pad at Christmas It reset it's self for some reason so logged me out my google mail, I do not remember my details for this account and also have a different number now, I need to now how to factory reset it fully so I can start again , I'm so fed up been trying to get into it for weeks!!!

  • Zixigram

Yea agree
This was a gift
But if i chose i will take with SIM card

  • Lady in Red

Wiley, 23 Oct 2016Purchased October 2016, experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity iss... moreMy husband and I both have this tablet. The WiFi often drops so much so that it is very frustrating. It is also very, very slow. Neither our phones or computers have this problem with our WiFi.

I would not purchase this brand again.

  • Anonymous

It is really bad that it does not use a sim card that can be connected to network for internet usage. It is practically useless when I am not in an area with free WiFi connectivity. I did not realize that it doea not have a sim on purchase, it is not serving the purpose for which I bought it.

  • AnonD-636038

My Tablet: ASUS ZenPad™ Z10 32GB has been a pain in my rear twice...While at work, Working on This Tablet, the silly thing just turned off and said powering down and then rebooted, while erasing all my data and on the SD Card too. Today it happened again.
I called Verizon and told them about this crappy tab, from they way they were talking to me is that I'm totally stuck with this model. They'll just give me another one. I have learned the hard way. Never again buy this crap from asus...The reason why I have bought it was because I needed a tablet fast due to my other one being used, I went to verizon and thought that Verizon would have the Samsung tabs in store, but they said that they will not carry the best tabs in the store they'll only carry the exceptional tabs amd and other devices in store. So This is the only best tablet Verizon had in their store and it's a shame that this was the only best one they had to show me to buy. I'm regretting this whole think right now. I hate to have to order it from verizon and have to wait for it. Why can't they have them in their stores. More often I see Verizon who now days have just junk in their stores now. They have a large line of Motorola Phones that do not sell, just sitting there, no one wants. Also Verizon said to me that they will not be getting the Gear S3 LTE Watches.

  • Anonymous

Catalin, 03 Oct 2016What i can say...go really slow. Web pages takes nearly 30 ... moreI received one as a gift and it works fine. I can play gta San Andreas without lag. And it's on high graphics. The only flaw with this tablet is that it's unrootable but if you want to use it for other stuff it's a great value for money

  • antihunter

why i cant instal office?

  • Great White North...

Okay listen up. most of the reviewers on here that are Talking Smack should otta not be allowed to own any mobile device.

The nonsense they are spouting is just that - PURE NONSENSE.

I have several tabs the most recent of which is the Asus 10zentab. Admittandly it is not the most "robust" of Assus tabs, but here is my read:

1) The camera really "SUKS". I mean grabage,
2) Permarnce; I have not had any issues with any opf the performance related posts - at all, it's pretty snappy, starts up a little slower than my other Asus tab, but it's a Startup - who cares,
3) WiFi - no issues at all,
4) Video playback - no issues,
5) Speed - it's an entry level tab, with that in mind - no issues,
6) Doesn't run hot, even with a Bluetooth Keyboard and case attached,
7) Screen resolution is quiet acceptable for a 10" unit.

Overall, I don't think I'd buy another one, but I use this for service related ittems at client sites. 2G and 5G WiFi works extremely well, and with a bluetooch Keyboard/Case, i would suggest taking a good look at this for the younsters and perhps "shutins" and those sorts of users.

i can say that all of my remote apps (qfile, abfile, abdocs, Google Docs etc) work quite nicely and have had zero issues with them.

So, for those of you that want your 5 minutes of Internet Fame and spout crap and nonsense - "Just Go Away".. I mean really, just go back to the Planet you came from and stay there...

nuff said...