Asus Zenpad 3 8.0 Z581KL

Asus Zenpad 3 8.0 Z581KL

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I have this tablet. (I have honor 8x )too
My 8x contrast is much better than this zenpad
Very much faster OTG transfer file speed
Much better battery
faster CPU and cooler device

After receiving all updates a soft reset is necessary . Then many changes will be done to the device

Last update will reduce battery usage by half (even more than half) and fix CPU temperature
So check updates and enjoy battery

After update to Android 7 it is faster and support 4k
Much better than Android 6

darius, 25 Dec 2017when i bought it,after turning it on i saw android 7 update... moreAndroid 7 was installed before? Or you update it by yourself?

  • Anonymous

It's perfect

  • Soma

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2017More expensive than the larger 9.7-inch Zenpad 3S 10 Z500M... moreThe item from Amazon does not have LTE support

  • darius

Darius89, 19 Dec 2017It,s very gooood I like itwhen i bought it,after turning it on i saw android 7 update :-)
i installed it and i 'm enjoying it ...

It,s very gooood
I like it

  • rickygai

Where to purchase, I have checked with local distributors, it is not available in Malaysia, even I have checked online purchase portals like 11street, Lazada.... not available except casing only. Please advise.

  • AnonD-672619

Harry, 24 Apr 2017When I buy in North America? It is available in Japan alrea... moreIs it supporting OTG

  • AnonD-478820

Please I would ask users does Asus support HD videos and about camera without led flash how photos and videos look like in dark places

  • Harry

When I buy in North America? It is available in Japan already.... Hopwever, I cannot buy it from Canada.

  • AnonD-647677

When it will be available in India and If it is available in Indio how to buy it.

  • Omid46

All my dearest billion fellows worldwide.This is the smaller sibling of the 3 10 point inches model with 7800 mAh!!Somebody said that it must be $300 !In short,after September of 2016,Asus felt that it must find its own way in low,mid,and highest classes with more innovation,better creation,and the best marketing!!!?Because people themselves are the best ambassadors of any brands worldwide according to scientific researching poll!!I leave the rest to the unbiased gsmArena reviewers!Justice Rights.Omid12Omidvar.

  • RAA

saaam, 08 Feb 2017Does it support the OTG??Taiwan version support

  • saaam

Does it support the OTG??

  • Pusa

Swap27, 09 Jan 2017Asus has said nothing about India launch. Also some website... moreThank you so much for the reply Swap27. Yes, so we need to use under Volte support, I don't think asus will provide built in Volte in this tablet, right?

  • Swap27

Pusa, 05 Jan 2017Hi everyone, I am a big fan of asus, I have few questions a... moreAsus has said nothing about India launch. Also some websites have speciefied that this model doesnot support Indian 4g lte bands.

  • Pusa

Hi everyone, I am a big fan of asus, I have few questions about this zenpad 3s 8
1: Does it supports the India bands networks ?
2. Does it play the video of aspect ration 16:9 ?
3. I heard that the Nougat upgrade file size will consume 14 gb of OS, so half of the memory goes.
4. Is this tablet available on 64GB?
5.When will be the launching of this tablet in India and how much price can expect?
6. Is front and rear camera 2MP, 8MP is good enough to use?