AT&T plans to launch true 5G later this year

Yordan, 04 January 2018

Just two weeks after the 5G spec has been finalized, AT&T announced it is launching mobile 5G in twelve markets in the United States this year. The carrier does not specify the location that will get coverage, but it makes it clear that hardware is already being developed.

AT&T plans to launch real mobile 5G later this year

The carrier also plans to keep enrolling its “5G Evolution” program which is a “turbo-charged LTE network”. It is currently available in 23 major metros and should expand to hundreds of additional markets. This will most likely copy the transition from some years ago when the fast 3G (HSPA) was marketed as 4G.

T-Mobile, Sprint, Orange and Telefonica are some of the other carriers, involved in the race to a deploy true 5G networks. Along with them are running Qualcomm, Samsung and ZTE (to name a few) as hardware manufacturers and future equipment providers.



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