AT&T offers buy one, get one free deal on LG G5 pre-orders

Victor, 21 March, 2016

If you have your heart set on LG's latest flagship handset, then you surely know that global sales for the G5 are set to begin a little over a week from now, on March 31. Naturally, however, various retailers have already started accepting pre-orders for the device and the latest to announce its offer is AT&T.

The carrier has listed the G5 for $23 per moth over a 30 month period on a Next 24 plan, or $699 up front. But, if you are planning on getting more than one unit, then AT&T's other deal might just be ideal for you. If you are OK with signing a new AT&T contract, that is activating a new line, you can get the second LG G5 for free. Well, kind of, as the carrier basically promises to reimburse for for $695 in bill credit over the course of 30 months. Mind you, you still owe activation fees and sales taxes on both units.

If this seems like a fair deal, then you can check the source link and expect device shipments to begin between March 29 and March 30. It is also worth noting that Best Buy has a pre-order deal of its own. It is offering $100 savings on the device with purchase and activation of a 2-year contract with Sprint. Alternatively, buyers will get a $100 Best Buy gift card with purchase and activation of monthly installment plan - this promo is also available for the AT&T variant.

In addition, all purchases will come with a free bundle (worth $90) that includes a replacement battery, charging cradle, and USB-C to micro-USB adapter.

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Reader comments

  • afr

I'm sure they will soon need to give them away almost for free as it's pretty clear the phone is a huge missed opportunity. All they had to do is to make the G4 metal and S820 and they would have a winner. This piece of shit? Not so much.

  • hammertong

Thus verifying the enormous markup on the flagships.

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