AT&T's Galaxy S10+ is first in the US to receive dedicated camera Night Mode

Vlad, 02 July 2019

Samsung was late to the Night Mode game, but it has issued updates to its S10 family across the world enabling this dedicated feature that produces long exposure shots to brighten night time photography for you on demand. If you have an S10 device in the US, however, so far you haven't been able to play with Night Mode because Samsung simply hasn't sent out an update containing it.

That changes today, as the company has started rolling out a new software version to the S10+ units sold by AT&T. The update comes with Night Mode as well as a dedicated QR scanner, which means you no longer have to go through Bixby or Google Lens to scan QR codes. Just use the Quick Settings shortcut and you're done.

Night Mode, QR scanner, Software info Night Mode, QR scanner, Software info Night Mode, QR scanner, Software info
Night Mode, QR scanner, Software info

Samsung's Night Mode is a worthy competitor to Google's Night Sight and Huawei's own interpretation, and it gives owners of the AT&T Galaxy S10+ something new and exciting to play with. As usual the update is likely to be staged, so don't worry if you haven't received the notification yet. It should arrive within the next few days. After you install it you'll be on version G975USQU2ASF6.

The update also brings with it the June 1, 2019 security patch level, which is no longer current but close enough. Funnily enough, other carriers in the US have already rolled out the June security patch to the S10 line, but in an update that was devoid of Night Mode. So in the end for AT&T customers the longer wait for the June update was probably worth it.

We expect the same update to make its way to the Galaxy S10 and S10e at some point in the near future. Hopefully the other US carriers take note and release their own updates with Night Mode built-in.



Reader comments

  • briz

got the update a month ago and the Night mode shot is superb!

  • .alpha

I have nightmode on my 5G but the quality isn't good

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