Aviation-inspired watch face wins Samsung's design contest for the Gear S3

Peter, 19 April 2017

Congratulations to John Morga who won Samsung’s watch face design contest! Dubbed MbM-Aileron 2 Gold, the winning watch face beat over 2,000 others and was acclaimed by all judges.

The panel of judges for the contest included Yvan Arpa, a Swiss watch designer who is also responsible for the Samsung Gear S3, Ariel Vardi, the co-founder of the company behind Facer, and Ariel Adams, founder of aBlogToWatch (a go-to blog for all chronological matters).

Winner: MbM-Aileron 2 Gold (click to see the animated version)
Winner: MbM-Aileron 2 Gold (click to see the animated version)

Facer is the an app that allows easy customization of your smartwatch UI and Aileron 2 Gold will soon be available for download from the Galaxy Apps store. The four runner-ups will also be made available.

Anyway, Mr. Morga is getting a cash prize and other goodies - a Gear S3, enrollment in Facer’s Premium Designer Program (allowing him to earn royalties on his watch face designs), plus promotion by Samsung’s social media and aBlogToWatch.

Congratulations to him and better luck next time to the others in the Top 5!



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Yucks... I hope those designs stay digital and not be implemented in mechanical watches

  • Anonymous

There are a ton of Gear watch faces, but there is still not a single one which is well-designed and gives me digital time in an attractive font (or even analog), plus steps, HR and battery level. A lot of really ugly, tacky stuff though, even in...

Thanks for including the list of judges in the article. That explains the taste for the winning design and runner ups.

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