BELLPERRE lets you design your own luxury handset

15 July, 2010

The Dutch manufacturer of extremely expensive mobile phones BELLPERRE announced its latest phone today. Giving unprecedented customization options the BELLPERRE phone (the company obviously found it too hard to come up with a proper name for it) also packs a few nice features.

The highlights of the specs sheet include a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, quad-band GSM and tri-band HSDPA connectivity, GPS and Bluetooth. The display measures 2.2 inches and sports QVGA resolution. There is also FM radio and an accelerometer sensor on board.


BELLEPERRE offer 125 genuine leather options for the back panel of their handset. From "modest classic leathers" like black buffalo or brown lizard to vibrant colors and textures like pink crocodile or red shark - it's all there. There is also 14 different colors for the ostrich leather, known for its durability and fine texture, but we doubt many people will go for it.

The BELLPERRE phone • there are plenty of options to pick from for the back panel

But of course those luxury phones are all about the exquisite materials. In this particular case we have a solid metal frame and steel buttons and owners might pick the finish themselves, choices being brushed steel, polished silver, 18K rose gold and 24K yellow gold.

BELLERPERRE didn't reveal the target availability or the pricing of their handset, but interestingly enough called it affordable. Yet we somehow can't see ourselves affording it without having to sell our cars.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

hoping it to be good .... wi-fi should be nice in view the customization and elegance cell phone wi-fi is a major part of elegance and without it the life would be incomplete

  • Anonymous

think i should buy me one as soon as it hits the markets!! where could i find one in south africa? and its in gold, how bout i create my own one in platinum and have my digits in diamonds? haha! cant wait to be a proud owner of this little hottie! :D

  • In reply to Anonymou

The new slim bellperre has SYMBIAN (!!) on it. So I think they have learned or did listen to you!

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