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  • AnonD-4870

Eyes Open, 05 Sep 2010I worked on this device few years ago. Also have one still ... moreEyes Open, would you concider selling the one you have in original package?

  • Eyes Open

I worked on this device few years ago. Also have one still boxed (brand new) sitting on the salves. Because this device is a Monochrome display it may become an antic, which I think already is.

  • Blastalot

brent, 16 Jul 2005the phone is unique coz i am the only one who has it. got p... moreLol, it keeps on vibrating?

  • ggatwo

I want to buy one... can someone help me???
contact me here ggatwo (at) abv (dot) bg

  • Benefon

Hello I would like to inform you that theres a new great Benefon out on the market called twig with color screen,gps,gprs, bluetooth etc.

  • brent

the phone is unique coz i am the only one who has it. got problem though... it's seems not to work just keeps on vibrating lol. have no idea what's wrong coz i don't know where can i have it fixed. anyone who knows well bout this phone or probably where i could buy spare battery, that's if the problems with the battery. in any case i need help. i'm from philippines.. is there any benefon company here???

  • Lhen

where can i buy a new battery of benefon Q i am from the philippines

  • Dean

Hello, I have a Benefon Esc for sale in great condition bought by mistake have given up hobby now for it`s use! get in touch...

  • Dosoo Emmanuei

iam enlated to be a proud user of the Q it is exclusive and think the only user in Ghana.thanks

  • Martynas from Lithua

cheap for the best mobile design i have ever saw.

  • Martynas from Lithua

tomorow I will go to buy one.
The prise - 30 euro for used one.
It is cheap !

  • Nesha

Plez lurn tu speek engrish and spel if yoo ar goin two post heer.

These reviews read like they were written by schizophrenic baboons with stuck caps locks.

  • Proxy

Benefon Q is better than Nokia 6610...u might ask why?... because quality ...Q forever ;)

  • Anonymous

all these phone should be used as door stops there reallt fuckn shocking
what the hell is benefon????????


hahahah. a phone??? or is it some shit. please stop making phone's any's bad for your proud if you had it.

  • Amir

I have worked on Benefon Q base band and the Software. I know more or less everything about this phone.

The quality of this phone is not very good specially the Battery side of the products.

My comments

1- The color on the key pad after sometimes usage rubs off and makes the phone very ugly

2- Benefon Q battery produce a bug in the battery processor if the user charges the battery regularly before the battery is completely empty
3- Also after some times user will notice the battery life doesn't last as much regardless of how long you charge the battery.
4- Another issue regarding Benefon Q Battery is the clip on the cover of the battery breaks after few weeks and I personally hold the battery to the phone via a tape cross it.
5- Battery charger is rubbish too, as its gets older some times shows its charging but it doesn't and the time does charge, after half an hour the phone complains of not having enough power

The phone comes in three color, Silver, Brown and I guess Black and it looks very nice while is in the box.

If the user drop the phone on the hard floor all the prettiness will disappears. need more info let me know....:-)

  • Anonymous

1 wierd ass fone!
i wont b buying 1!
i hav a NOKIA!

  • joseph

i dont have extra charger, where can i buy?

  • Luong Ngoc Tinh

I want to buy benefon Q . Please email to me

  • Anonymous

great gay phone!!! I love using the antena!!! it's big!! UUUUUUUU lolol kidding!! I like this phone except for that huge antena!!!!